Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Beauty Looks Are Your Cue To Jump On This Fall Trend Now

Welcome to Act I.

Beyonce glitter eyeshadow selfie

Everyone knew Beyoncé was powerful, but her just-proven ability to start Virgo Season an entire month early? She’s on another level. This morning, the world woke up to the greatest gift: Act I of Beyoncé’s latest multimedia project, the perfectly-named Renaissance. Filled with both uplifting and revolution-stoking lyrics over sumptuous disco interpolations, it’s a classic Beyoncé concept — high-value and majorly aesthetic, but always with a cleverly-crafted message. But while Beyoncé’s entire body of work is often very visual, the fashion and beauty in Renaissance shoots and videos anchor her entire idea. Beyoncé’s silver lipstick in one shot, as chromatic and glistening as the massive disco ball dangling just above her, is at once futuristic and a certified throwback. And though August is still a few days away, there’s a sneaking suspicion that Beyoncé-approved metallic and chrome lip looks will reign supreme as one of the holiday season’s biggest beauty trends.

In the shot (which was paired with a second photo of her thanking the BeyHive for not listening to that early alb*m l**k), a glam and glowing Mrs. Carter sits tall under the disco ball. As her silver lamaé gown billows around her, she has a candy-pink-polished hand strategically placed and a shimmering wash of matching silver color over her lips. While the rest of her makeup is more muted, it’s undeniably ‘70s-themed — lots of blown-out color and touches of soft purples.

Judging by the all-out fervor in the comments section (not to mention a staggering 2.5 million likes) nearly salivating over the glittery-glam look. Though disco-inspired everything has been trending for pretty much all of the 2020s so far, Beyoncé's unreal ability to blend eras makes it feel entirely distinct. Chrome nails, outfits, and eyeshadows have all been enjoying their moment in the beauty world, but lips might be the final frontier.

Considering the album just dropped, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Beyoncé in assorted chrome lip look through the promotional cycle. In fact, metallic chrome lipstick could just be the party look of the 2022 holiday season, replacing those classic red and oxblood shades with something decidedly more joyous and vintage. Wait, did Beyoncé just start a lipstick renaissance, too?