Marrisa Wilson’s F/W ‘22 Show Reveals What It-Girl Makeup May Look Like In 3022

The future is bright — and covered in glitter.

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In the workplace, among friends, and even online through social media, everyone’s wearing a mask to a certain extent. There are outfits you love that your boss will never even know exists, stories you don’t tell, and beloved memories that’ll never make it to the almighty Grid — it would totally mess up the aesthetic, right? At the Marrisa Wilson Fall/Winter 2022 show, that schism between the digitally curated image and the authentic, IRL counterpart was at the heart of the presentation’s bombastic yet restrained glitter-drenched beauty look. The futuristic makeup results could almost be described as “corporate Euphoria,” as if Maddy and Cassie just started work at a top advertising firm in the year 3022 instead of fighting via acrylic clacks. The hair was individualized and expressive, the makeup is shimmery and colorful, but the structure of both kept the aesthetic from turning pure party monster.

Nick Lujan, Director of Artistry and Education at Kevyn Aucoin, spearheaded the glimmering makeup direction for the show using some very strategic glitter applications to drive home the show’s themes. “The look that we created is a perfect marriage of our past, present, and future,” Lujan explains in a press release, citing the show’s sculpted faces, gleaming skin, and homages to futurism through cyber-aesthetic eye sparkle. “The whole concept is about the convergence of our digital and physical selves in the metaverse.”

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According to Lujan, the key to achieving the futuristic yet familiar look is a bit of subtlety — not the first thing typically thought of when working with glitter but it’s employed here to stunning effect. The complexion is kept relatively simple, with plenty of glow-inducing skin prep and little to no foundation. Instead, Lujan used the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer to carve out and highlight the hollows and high points of the face before enhancing the contour with the aptly-named Sculpting Contour Powder — “and make sure to sculpt the face before you apply any shimmer,” Lujan advises. After just a hint of warming blush, Lujan and the team dusted on the Kaleidochrome All Over Highlight Palette, full of reflective highlighting powders to illuminate the skin.

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For the all-important glittery eyes, Lujan first laid down a soft smoky brown eye before enhancing the lower lash line and waterline with a black eyeliner — except for the models’ left lower lash lines, which were filled in and vertically striped with a white pencil for a cyborgian, all-seeing vibe. Then, it gets even more high-tech-looking. Lujan adhered iridescent glitter over that white line (he suggests tacking it down with a lash glue or setting spray), arguably the greatest part of the already-brilliant makeup. Volumizing mascara and upper lash falsies add more drama, while white mascara on the center of the left eye’s bottom lashes completes the show-stopping eye look.

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Meanwhile, Kien Hoang of Oribe went to work on the models’ intricate, innovative (yet somehow not competing) hairstyles for the show. Using a flat iron, braids, and some ultra-strength styling spray, Hoang brought to life Wilson’s own fashion illustrations in a very meta move. In an Instagram post, the young designer shared that the inspiration for many of the hair looks came from her own fashion illustrations, with several referencing bolts of lightning — Hoang managed to make the whimsical shapes a reality by prepping hair with Oribe’s Invisible Defense Universal Protection spray, followed by the Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray. Using wires fed through the models’ braids and ponytails to build those wide, wild zig-zags, Hoang made sure the entire look was immovable with the Oribe Supershine Strong Hair Spray. There’s quite a bit of Y2K aesthetics in both hair and makeup, inextricable from any futurism themes — the excitement, enthrallment, and fear of the impending tech revolution seemed to touch everyone.

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The electricity theme continued with custom temporary tattoos from Inked By Dani, featuring power buttons, charging-up lightning bolts, and the Marrisa Wilson logo.


All in all, the beauty at the Marissa Wilson show manages to do the unthinkable in 2022 — it makes you want to delve even deeper into the digital unknown. After all, if the future is this glamorous and glittery, maybe it’s not so scary after all.

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