Beyoncé Is Officially On The Red Hair Wave & It Suits Her Impossibly Well

Hot, hot, hot.

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Beyonce blonde texas hair

Anyone else too grateful for this Leap Year? It’s an extra day to hang with loved ones sure, but it also allowed for an extra 24 hours of Beyoncé this month — and she sure didn’t waste a single minute of it. Between unveiling her new album, appearing in a viral Super Bowl commercial, and launching her hair care brand, you’d think she’d want to take a few days off for some rest and relaxation. But that’s not really the Beyoncé way, is it? For the final day of the month, a fresh CR Fashion Book cover starring Beyoncé (with red hair!) appeared online, and it looks like she’s about to break the internet — and her fans’ collective minds, mine included — once again.

According to the magazine’s big announcement on Instagram, this is Bey’s first time on the cover of Carine Roitfeld’s publication in a full decade, and everyone involved in the glamorous, highly creative shoot seemed to be making up for lost time. Beyoncé wears several different equally-extreme hairstyles through the spread, but the lead image is especially captivating, featuring the “Texas Hold ‘Em” star with long, cinnamon-red curls flowing ethereally around her minimally made-up yet still so striking face.


Because this is the first time Bey’s been seen with red curls since her turn in 2009’s deliciously campy erotic thriller Obsessed — run, don’t walk, to download it — her dedicated fans were naturally referencing the movie all through the magazine’s comment section. But Beyoncé’s hair color might look familiar for another, more familial reason. Just days ago, her younger sister Solange was photographed with newly-dyed red hair on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar March issue.

The Knowles family genes are incredibly strong because both sisters look like they were born with that alluring amber color growing naturally — and they each put their own spin on the shade with unique styling, too. For Bey’s CR Fashion Book shoot, hair artists Roddy W, LaDawn Dozier, Tiara Keith, and Jawara Wauchope all helped create the groundbreaking looks. And in fact, Wauchope was behind Solange’s Bazaar spread, too.

The red hair isn’t Beyoncé’s only eye-grabbing look from the shoot, though. In other frames, she’s done up in an edgy, gray-streaked mullet that might or might not remind you of those scene kid haircuts circa 2009.

It’s clear that unbridled creativity — and a preternatural knack for convincing fans to go red — runs in the sisters’ DNA.

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