Solange’s New Red Hair Suits Her So Well, She Looks Like She Was Born With It

No words.

Solange green eyeshadow

She might be a Cancer on the zodiac wheel, but energetically, Solange just feels like a fire sign. She’s an innovator, she’s unafraid to get vocal about how she’s feeling, and despite being the baby sister of her family, she’s full of born-leader vim. It turns out that she can also really embody that fiery aesthetic, too. Solange’s red hair, freshly debuted on the just-unveiled cover of the Harper’s Bazaar March 2024 issue, suits her so well, it looks like she’s had the bold, bright color all her life.

With her curls brushed out into a full, fluffy, center-parted style, the rich shade of red can fully be appreciated. It’s a sharp rust, infused with plenty of brown for a natural look, but still extremely vivid. Celebrity and editorial hairstylist Jawara Wauchope created the look for the shoot using Dyson tools and Oribe products, which immediately sent social media into an excited tailspin. The magazine’s monthly theme is the “legacy issue” and this fresh color is a perfect way to aesthetically amplify an already-iconic star without losing sense of her signature style. Bronzey, reflective makeup, courtesy of artist Miguel Ramos and an assortment of AddictionTokyo products, helped further illuminate the warm red tones through the entire shoot.


Wigs and hair pieces are used for photoshoots all the time, but Solange’s color change seems to be the real deal. Not only is her hair in the spread the same length as it is in her day-to-day life, but one shot features it all braided into long, sleek straightbacks — another point in the she-really-took-the-plunge column.

To call this particular shade the “color of the moment” might be something of an understatement. The way the deep, brown-tinged red has taken over fashion, accessories, hair colors, nail trends, and even home decor movements is kind of incredible. There hasn’t really been this level of all-over saturation with a color since “Gen Z green” got its grip on the early 2020s. Before that, the now-infamous millennial pink dominated everything from coffee shop color schemes to iPhone colorways.

With stars like Solange co-signing the alluring red, this trend might be bigger than all its predacesors combined.