You Can Now Officially Shop Beyoncé’s Hair Care Line, Cécred

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Courtesy Of Cécred
Beyoncé Cécred hair care line
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You really have to hand it to Beyoncé. Even in the hyper-saturated world of celebrity beauty lines, demand for Bey-labeled anything has always been impossibly high. But, by waiting for the perfect moment to develop and drop her Cécred hair care brand, Beyoncé had time to build its story and treat fans to an exciting rollout. She’s been teasing the launch since back in May 2023, but didn’t confirm that products were officially on their way ‘til earlier this month. Now, on Feb. 20, the complete line is now fully shop-able. And in classic Beyoncé fashion, she made a little something for absolutely everyone.

Cécred debuts with the Foundation Collection, an eight-piece drop that includes seven distinct hair care products and one vessel for shaking and mixing formulas. It’s everything needed to build a complete routine with exclusively Cécred products as well as swap out current favorites for these new formulas — the draw of the brand is more than just the name attached to it. Each item is inspired by different global cultural practices surrounding hair, and they’re all developed under the watchful eye of top scientists. There’s even a patent-pending Bioactive Keratin Ferment blend that replaces depleted keratin for healthy hair free of visible breakage.

Courtesy Of Cécred

“The journey of creating Cécred has taken years, and I’m so proud to finally reveal what we’ve been working on,” Beyoncé herself reveals in a press release. “As a Black founder, it was important to me to concentrate on where I saw the greatest need for healthy haircare and to place scientific innovation and product performance above all else. We started by prioritizing the needs of textured hair like mine, along with other types and textures that need more moisture and strength.”

She explains that through her career, she’s worn her hair in every possible color, braid, updo, and heat-created style, and grew up sweeping up clipping in her mother’s hair salon — Bey’s vantage point is clearly a unique one. “I want everyone to have the freedom to express their hair in ways that make them feel good, so I began by creating the essentials for hair and scalp health,” she continues. “My vision is to be an inclusive force of excellence in the haircare industry while celebrating hair rituals across global cultures and helping dispel hair myths and misconceptions on all sides.”


The eight-piece launch includes: a clarifying shampoo-scalp scrub blend, a hydrating shampoo, a deep conditioner, a deep conditioning mask, a fermented rice rinse (and a shaker to mix it up, sold separately), a moisture-sealing lotion, and an all-purpose hair oil.

Every item is made with that proprietary keratin blend to help reverse damage and minimize future breakage, as well as an alluring “temple oud” signature fragrance. It all seems to be selling fast, but the mixable rice rinse seems to be an especially popular pick based on social media conversations. The full collection is available both individually and in curated kits based on assorted needs — you can also buy the complete drop at once, aptly dubbed the “Super Fan Bundle.”

Cécred just launched and already Bey is teasing what’s up next. You don’t reach her level of superstardom without always looking ahead, though.