Beyoncé Helped Fuel Virtually Every Nail Art Trend Of The Last Decade

What can’t she do?

Beyonce silver chrome tip nails

In the year 2024, it feels rather absurd to say that Beyoncé, the most awarded artist in Grammys history, is underrated in any category — but it’s the truth. Sure, Bey gets her flowers in music, fashion, and overall cultural impact, but her impressive eye for nail art and other intricate manicures has been overlooked for far too long. She’s one of the most under-the-radar sources of nail inspiration out there, and this retrospective of Beyoncé’s best manicures will prove it once and for all. In so many ways, her taste in polish colors and embellishments reflects her own daring, opulent fashion sense. She’s unafraid to combine interesting shades, add on gilded touches, and even experiment with texture to help create totally unique looks all her own.

Of course, not even Beyoncé can do everything on her own. The creative mastermind behind so many of her coolest-ever styles is celebrity nail artist Miho Okawara, who also routinely works with other stars like Lady Gaga and Ciara. Together, Bey and Okawara have been quietly influencing so many of the top manicure trends of the moment, be they colorful tips, funky 3D texture, or even the chrome craze as a whole.

Ahead, get familiar with some of Beyoncé’s best-ever nail colors, designs, and manicures in general.

Gold Chrome


Not only is an all-over gold chrome fitting for the Queen Bey, but it matches her marigold gown and jewelry. The shorter length and soft, natural shape help balance out the power of the color and finish.

Black Latex


Pro tip: shine is an accessory all on its own. Beyoncé made a simple black nail polish look like a million bucks by amping up the gloss factor. The result is a latex-looking manicure that goes perfectly with the rest of her shimmery look.

Green & Gold


Pairing a rich, emerald-green base with reflective gold tips is a brilliant inversion of the classic French manicure color combination. For this look, she went for a more almond-style shape, which is a bit longer and pointier — and helps show off the tips.

Dipped In Bronze


One of Bey’s more subtle nail moments, this delicate look is as if she gingerly dipped her nails in a pool of liquid bronze. The warm, shimmery color is beautiful with her skin tone, and the shade stands out all the more thanks to the light pink nail beds.

Valentine’s Day Studs


Here’s a little something for all the looovers out there. For a very special Valentine’s Day, Beyoncé chose a brilliant blend of pink and red, dappling her long, almond-shaped nails with tiny gilded hearts. It’s minimalist and head-turning all at once.

Silver & Spots


Sometimes, the smallest details are the most impactful. Take a close look at Beyoncé’s silver-tipped nails. They’re chromatic and hyper-trendy, yes, but the beds are dotted with glossy black spots that mimic Bey’s delicate finger tattoos for a personal touch.

XL French Manicure


Everyone goes back to the classic pink-and-white French manicure eventually, and Bey is no exception. Her version of the look, though, makes great use of length and shape. Not only are the long, stiletto-style nails sharp and tapered at the ends, but the snowy white tips are very deep-set for maximum impact.

Textured Chrome


Behold: the Renaissance album distilled down into a manicure. It’s all silvery chrome, of course, but topped with crystals and bump texture to mirror Bey’s metal-covered bodysuit.

Christmas Cheer


In an adorable twist, it turns out that not even Beyoncé is above some sweet, novelty nail art. For Christmas, she decked her nails out in a red French manicure, but the thumbs are something special. The tips curve down to make tiny Santa hats, which you know Blue Ivy was just loving.