Bella Hadid & Dua Lipa Are Fully On Board With The Swiss Cheese-Inspired Look

The cutout trend perseveres!

Bella Hadid wears a wet-looking white mini dress.

No trend has had a stronger grip on fashion as of late than cutouts. Many fashion lovers will point to the midriff-flossing designs from 2020 for kickstarting this playful, revealing detail. From there, you may remember the succeeding adaptation of the style, string cutouts, which ushered in a new phase of the trend that transcended beyond flossy strands encasing your torso. Now, you’ll find the look via hip slits (Megan Fox’s Jacqemus skirt is an excellent representation of the design), and, as Bella Hadid’s blue cutout bodysuit demonstrates, graphic lines of teardrop-shaped keyholes. Or, if you’re a charcuterie board connoisseur, the look might conjure up images of Swiss cheese.

Over the weekend, Hadid shared a series of photos where she modeled a baby blue garment from FIT alumn and designer Marshall Columbia. The trendsetting supermodel’s outfit was a celebration of all things trendy. Her bodysuit featured a series of front-facing keyhole cutouts adorned with strands of rainbow beads, as well as lines of oval-shaped cutouts (these without the colorful baubles) along her arms and shoulders. Since her catsuit’s cutouts were placed in artful series of rows, the details became purposeful and eye-catching lines of skin-baring holes. As opposed to how previous iterations of the trend utilized cutouts as subtle and flirty peek-a-boo details, Hadid’s bodysuit showcased how cutouts can become a fundamental graphic aspect of the garment when organized into a series of rows.

As for the rest of the style icon’s look, Hadid tucked her one-piece into a pair of baggy, two-tone jeans from Sami Miro, which she DIY-ed into a low-rise silhouette by rolling down her pant’s waistband. The Y2K vibes continued thanks to her blue Miu Miu kitten heels (given Hadid and her affinity for all things vintage, her shoes were likely relics from one of the Italian fashion house’s older collections) and a few colorful butterfly hair clips. She chose a yellow gold Panthère watch by Cartier, chunky beaded bracelets, and a series of gold statement rings as the finishing touches for her ensemble.

Hadid isn’t alone in her love for Swiss cheese-inspired designs: Dua Lipa, a notable lover of the revealing design element, wore the same Marshall Columbia bodysuit over the weekend, too. Hers, however, came in a contrasting black and hot pink colorway. With her striped cutout piece, Lipa styled a pair of holographic slides, chunky rings, and wide futuristic-looking black sunnies.

Cutout stripes are a fun take on the trend that opens itself up to an expansive world of styling possibilities. Style a top that features rows of cutouts with a neutral trouser or a slip skirt for an outfit that plays with the trend but still feels wearable in an everyday setting. Or, if it’s a one-piece look like Hadid and Lipa’s, lean into the drama and throw on your favorite pair of dressy heels to make even more of a statement.

Marshall Columbia’s cutout garment is from the brand’s upcoming September drop, so it’s not yet available for purchase. However, you will find a few of the designer’s inventive pieces that are available to shop now, below, as well as other garments that embody the new cutout evolution.

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