Barbie Ferreira's Rocker Girl Glam Is Peak Halloween Makeup Inspo

Is “mall goth couture” about to be everywhere?

Barbie Ferreira with long dark hair and smokey eye

If you stop to think about it, Barbie Ferreira really must have strands of “cool girl” encoded in her DNA. How else would you explain her effortless charm, hyper-realistic acting style, and an ever-evolving personal aesthetic that can seamlessly shift from classic glamour girl to Vaudeville cybergoth within days. With every new Instagram post, photoshoot, and season of Euphoria, it gets clearer and clearer: it’s her world, and we’re just living in it. It’s especially evident with Barbie Ferreira’s latest transformation which is perfectly executed Halloween makeup — but in the most high-fashion way possible, of course.

Though it’s unclear exactly what the vampy, over-the-top hair and makeup are for (though Ferreira’s tagging of celebrated editorial photographer Natalia Mantini gives some clues), what’s for certain is that the choppy red-and-black wig, ultra-skinny brows, glittery smokey eye, and defined, metallic lips might combine to equal her most interesting photoshoot yet. Halloween is well-documented as one of the actor/model’s favorite holidays, and the timing of this shoot couldn’t be more perfect. Judging by the gushing comments left on the post by Ferreira’s stylish, internet-savvy peers like Zendaya, Princess Nokia, and SZA, “perfect” seems to be the overall consensus.

If your eyes immediately went to Ferreira’s eyes, covered in rings of glistening black eyeshadow and framed by fluttery, fanlike lashes, you’re not alone. Celebrity makeup artist Kali Kennedy — who regularly works with Madonna, Amandla Stenberg, and Olivia Rodrigo — is behind this edgy look. Along with the eyeshadow, so deep and multidimensional you could practically sink into it, Kennedy hid Ferreira’s real brows before drawing them on in a goth-goes-1920s straight line. It’s an eye-catching, fashionable look and one that the pair have done before — namely at the 2021 Met Gala.

The other major moment in this look is, of course, Ferreira’s two-tone hair — the bright red deepens into a mall goth black for an that angsty teen effect that Ferreira’s character on Euphoria actually embodies very well.

The highly captivating hair look was created by celebrity hairstylist to Rihanna and Tinashe, Malcolm Marquez. Based on the colors and Marquez’s prolific work with wigs, it appears Ferreira is wearing a well-styled hairpiece. The two also worked on Ferreira’s Met Gala look alongside Kennedy — together, the trio practically scream “dream team” with a slew of mood board-ready looks already behind them. If what they’ve already done this year is any indication, expect more game-changing looks still to come.