Did *Anyone* See Ariana Grande’s Shocking New Hair Color Coming?

It’s wicked good.

Ariana Grande ponytail looking up

These days, Ariana Grande’s schedule is so jam-packed with hush-hush projects that sightings of the superstar are increasingly rare — which only makes them all the more exciting when they do roll around. But even with brief glimpses of Grande through paparazzi shots and Instagram Stories, she still manages to make those moments unforgettable. Case in point? Ariana Grande’s new blonde hair, just revealed to the public. Grande’s undergone several major hair transformations over her decade-plus in the spotlight, but none so surprising and significant as this — it’s the first time fans have seen her in a color other than rich brunette since her “Thank U, Next” music video in 2018.

In true Grande fashion, the singer-actor-makeup mogul uploaded the photo to her Instagram Story in the most low-key way possible, even including a caption cheeky “unrelated” caption about earrings next to her new golden-blonde ponytail. Her freshly-dyed hair is a muted gold, infused with plenty of warmth, and looks so thick and full. Slicked down at the base, and secured with a camouflaging hair tie that gives way to a smooth, voluminous waves, it’s her signature style remixed for the winter ahead. Based on the immediate fan reactions, it seems like Grande picked a winner with this shade.

Of all the celebrity comments rolling in celebrating the exciting new look, Grande’s responded to only one so far — a reply from Jon M. Chu, the director of the upcoming Wicked screen adaptation in which she stars. This only furthers speculation that this blonde makeover is for her role as Glinda, though some argue that she’ll undoubtedly be in a wig for ease of continuity during the filming process.

Regardless of if this is for her role in the Wicked film or just some seasonal change for the superstar, one thing’s for sure: the warm, golden-blonde color suits her so well that it wouldn’t be a surprise if she made it her signature shade from here on out. In the meantime, stand back and let the stans do the detective work — they’ll have it all figured out by day’s end.