Megan Thee Stallion’s Ash Blonde Highlights Guarantee A Hot Girl Summer In Any Hairstyle

They’re just gorgeous.

Megan Thee Stallion layers selfie

Adjusting your life for summer means swapping for lighter-feeling foundations, heavier SPF, waterproof everything, and nothing but sandals. Even hair gets in on the fun — is there ever a better time to experiment with breezy bobs, accessories, and sunny highlights? Megan Thee Stallion’s latest hair look seems to capture every free-spirited summer trend of the moment, from her shoulder-skimming cut’s volume and curls to the luxe color. Megan Thee Stallion’s ash blonde highlights are a particular standout — their dimension, blend, and expert placement create a sultry, summery vibe that makes it seem like the wearer spends all day frolicking outside. Considering the season-perfect look, it makes sense that Megan loves to show the style (and color) off poolside and in her lush, greenery-filled backyard. Leave it to Meg to take the concept of Hot Girl Summer to new heights for four summers in a row — and counting.

Megan Thee Stallion first debuted the glamorous style and color at the kickstart of Memorial Day Weekend. In her mirror selfie, fans see her jewel-encrusted nails, flawless lip gloss, and her new hair, pulled up into a curled half-pony with delicately gelled edges and some wrapped-round hair camouflaging the ponytail’s base. The next day, she was posing poolside with her hair down, allowing her near-30 million followers a better look at the cut’s layers and — most importantly — that beautiful ash blonde highlight placement.

While she’s been experimenting with shorter (though no less glamorous) hairstyles lately, the actual color is a somewhat new one for the “Plan B” rapper. And though it hasn’t been explicitly specified, the look no doubt comes courtesy of Kellon Deryck, Megan Thee Stallion’s longtime hairstylist and close personal friend. Together, Deryck and Megan love to play with color, length, style, and aesthetic, always to jaw-dropping results that many scramble to copy the very next week.

Ash blonde is characterized by its paleness and neutrality — neither very warm like a gold or caramel, nor too cool like a true platinum. It’s a versatile color that works with a wide range of skin undertones, making it an ever-popular color for summer highlights. While it’s unknown how long this amazing cut-color combination will last (Megan’s a true creative, known for switching up her hair and nails with breakneck speed), even now, at the very start of June, it’s safe to say it will go down as one of her best looks of the entire summer.