Angelina Jolie’s Set To Start Spring With Her Brightest, Blondest Hair Color Ever

It’s so different.

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Angelina Jolie red lipstick and tattoos

Trust one of the greatest actors of her generation to have the art of reinvention down pat. When Angelina Jolie first started experimenting with a fresh, sunny hair color in spring 2023, she moved slowly. First, it was a golden ombré, with deeper brunette roots giving way to a warm gold tone. As the summer unfolded, she went even lighter, adding in bright, poppy “money pieces” around her face. Now, though, Jolie’s blonde hair is just a few degrees separated from straight-up platinum, an all-over, cool-tone streaked with even lighter pieces throughout her curved layers and new side-bangs. The entire look is totally antithetical to Jolie’s signature aesthetic all through the ‘90s, 2000s, and 2010s, but that’s what makes it so exciting — it’s essentially the superstar as she’s never been seen before.

It’s fitting that Jolie would choose now to make such a complete beauty overhaul. With the opening of her New York-based atelier — and her kids taking their turns leaving the nest to head off to college — she’s at a new phase in her life and career, so why not switch up her hair, too? The most notable difference in this latest version of blonde is how far up the color actually comes. There’s minimal root shadow and plenty of carefully-woven highlights throughout her chest-length layers, suggesting she’s been building off that original golden color over the past year.

North Woods / BACKGRID

Jolie’s haircut is another exciting element, seemingly shorter, choppier, and with a stronger-defined bang than her last public appearance. Layered cuts, like the kitty cut and step cut, have been ramping up in popularity among celebrities and civilians alike, and all the movement and volume in Jolie’s hair proves their appeal.

Jolie in December 2023.Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images
Jolie in August 2023.Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images
Jolie in April 2023.STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images

After a quiet few years on the film front, 2024 sees Jolie return to her position at one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars with two movies slated for release this year, including that long-awaited Maria Callas biopic. If this new hair color is invigorating Jolie to keep creating, here’s hoping she sticks with it for years to come.