The Kitty Cut Is Poised To Be 2024’s Top Hair Trend

Run, don’t walk to your stylist.

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Hopping on the latest haircut trend isn’t always easy — especially when new ones debut almost daily. But sometimes, a cut can be so effortlessly chic that it makes the decision a no-brainer. Enter 2024’s freshest look: the kitty cut. Characterized by soft snips, textured ends, and a medium length, it’s quickly becoming a favorite among A-listers and social media users alike. Like so many popular styles before it, the kitty cut borrows floaty elements from the ‘70s — think lush layers and a light shag shape. “Unlike more structured haircuts, this look is all about movement,” says Leo Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair Care.

Free-flowing strands are always en vogue, but as Izquierdo explains, the kitty cut has more to offer. Like a classic bob, it’s versatile and easy to customize. Whether you have fine hair or it’s naturally curly, there’s a way to embrace this style. “Another reason this look stands out from some of the other trends is adaptability,” says Izquierdo. He notes that it’s fitting for different face shapes and textures. Put simply, the kitty cut is universally appealing.

Below, TZR taps two hairstylists for a full rundown on the kitty cut. Read on for styling tips and how to make the look your own.

What Is The Kitty Cut?

The haircut trend cycle seems to be following a feline theme these days, but it’s easy to see the connection between the kitty cut and 2023’s wolf and cub styles. “The kitty cut is a simplified version of a few haircuts,” says Rita Hazan, celebrity stylist and founder of Rita Hazan. Like the wolf, the kitty features a shaggy texture and wispy pieces. However, the look is softened for a more natural appearance. Instead of choppy and bold, Hazan explains that the kitty uses round layers to create a wearable style.

It also borrows elements from the bob, which add to its timeless look. Though kitty cuts vary in length, Izquierdo tells TZR that most fall somewhere between a short, chin-length bob and a medium-sized lob. Hazan adds that the positioning of the layers is also similar to that of the classic haircut. “With face-framing pieces, the hairstyle has a multidimensional look,” she says. Furthermore, the soft shape helps give the hair natural volume.

What Are The Benefits Of The Kitty Cut?

Maintenance is one of the top factors to consider when deciding on a new look. Since you probably don’t have a full glam squad at your disposal, it’s nice to have a hairstyle that looks great with minimal effort. According to both experts, the kitty cut is that kind of haircut. “It’s super low maintenance and embodies effortless chic,” says Izquierdo. Even better? Hazan adds that the soft layers often fall right into place, giving your hair a natural bounce.

With any layered cut, trims are essential for maintaining the shape. “Round layers tend to grow out faster because they are more subtle than large choppy styles,” says Hazan. To that point, she recommends nailing down a schedule with your stylist to ensure the cut stays intact. “You may need to get trims more frequently depending on the texture and overall length of your cut,” she says.

What Hair Types Work Best For The Kitty Cut

Versatile and adaptable are the names of the game here. “Though this style works particularly well for those with shorter, thinner hair, it’s a nice option for any texture,” says Hazan. Thanks to the light layers, the kitty cut has a natural feel. The smaller sections mean you don’t have to have lots of length to make it work. Instead, you can customize the cut to fit your desires and hair needs. “If you have super curly hair, you might have more volume than you’re used to — but it can still work,” says Hazan. In that vein, Izquierdo recommends consulting with your stylist to determine the specific adjustments to achieve the desired look.

How To Style The Kitty Cut

Styling the kitty cut is a breeze, which further adds to the appeal of this trend. “I like to think of this look as one that doesn’t always have to be manipulated,” says Hazan. While you could opt for rollers to add more body, she notes all you really need is a good round brush. “Try using it in a circular motion, positioning it away from the face first, then moving it up your hair towards the face for a super voluminous blowout,” she says.

You’ll also want to find the right cocktail of products that will enhance your style. “Ideally, you should opt for a nourishing haircare routine to keep your hair healthy and your cut looking fresh,” says Izquierdo. He recommends finding the formulas that work best with your texture and incorporating them into your styling regimen. If your hair is fine, try selecting a thickening mousse or spray, such as IGK's Pick Me Up Maximum Lift Root Boost Spray, to boost volume. An air-drying cream paired with a diffuser is more effective for curly and wavy textures.

With little maintenance and face-framing layers, it’s safe to say this cut will be sticking around for some time. If you’re in the market for a new look or simply want to refresh your current style, consider giving the kitty cut a try. At the very least, you’ll have a chic haircut that’s on top of the trend cycle.

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