Reese Witherspoon’s ‘90s Hair Is All The Bob Styling Inspo You Need

It's possible to make your 21st century version just as fun.

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Reese Witherspoon's chic '90s bob was worked into many different styles.

Any person with a bob has experienced the feeling of long hair envy. Even if you don't admit it and absolutely adore your newer, shorter hair, the occasional regret can seep in when you realize there seems to be far fewer style options than when your wee hairs had a few more inches. These easy bob hairstyles (courtesy of Reese Witherspoon's undeniably chic '90s self) will give you a little assistance when it comes to getting creative with your hair. No more tiny ponytails!

These ideas go beyond your basic braid, but don't wander too far into pro territory, and despite them hailing from another era, they're surprisingly relevant and exceed today's style standards. If Witherspoon was able to prove just how easy it is to style a bob during the grunge era, it's possible to make your 21st century version just as fun.

During the '90s, the actor tested a multitude of looks, including simple arrangements of clips and bobby pins, lush, brushed-out curls, and an edgy uneven part, showing that styling short hair isn't so difficult after all. Up ahead, you'll find a collection of styles pulled from then that will last you through every season and any wave of trends.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Space Buns

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The ultimate cool-girl hairstyle is a nice set of space buns. Whether you choose two, three, or in Witherspoon's case four, they add instant spunk and interest. To successfully achieve this bold look, separate the top half of your hair into however many sections you see fit, then wrap each section of hair around itself, fastening with a clear hair band — the spikier the better.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Undone Bun

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Thought buns were a thing of the past? Think again. Sure, your days of sky-high messy buns might be gone while your hair is shorter, but a lower version with a few escaped wisps of hair can be just as stylish. Its an updo that's possible for bob-wearers, and helps highlight your makeup skills, like Witherspoon's red lip and pencil-thin brows.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Uneven Part

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There's nothing better than a style that utilizes your...erm...creative side. If you can't get a straight part for the life of you (same), Witherspoon's uneven part here with her bob is the perfect example of how this can look intentionally disheveled in a cool, laid-back way. If you're one of the few gifted humans who can whip out a perfect vertical line on your scalp, just take your comb and tease pieces in a zag-zag formation up the length of your part.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Paired With A Headband

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When you're in a rush or can't be bothered with anything apart from dry shampoo, a headband will be your best friend, particularly if you have short hair. It's the most versatile accessory and gives off an air of that coveted French girl vibe. Even the days where leggings and a sweatshirt is as far as you'll go, it helps you complete an outfit that might be feeling a little blah. Très chic.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Voluminous Curls

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Yes, it is possible to rock waves and curls, even with a bob. It certainly takes a bit more patience trying to contort your strands around your curling wand or flat iron, but the end result is worth the struggle. You can leave as-is, or like Witherspoon, brush them out for major volume.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Double Bobby Pins


Bobby pins, as basic as they are, can serve as catalysts for the trendiest looks. While you may use one to hold back bits of hair, adding a second takes it from an everyday 'do to a modern look with a fresh geometric twist. You can even add a third to make a triangle — the options are endless.

Easy Bob Hairstyle: Pinned-Back Curls

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Nothing comes in more handy than a chic barrette. Bad hair day, good hair day, unsure-what-to-do hair day — you're covered regardless. And you can instantly elevate any clip-laden look like this with curls. Rather than curling the entirety of your head, just focus on the ends, then brush back a section of your hair and pin it. To finish, spritz it with hair spray for extra-secure holding power.