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Silver Nails Brought So Much Shine To The Oscars Red Carpet

And they come in so many styles.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Florence Pugh oscars 2024

There have been several major beauty moments to emerge from the 2024 award season, but there’s no greater co-sign on a trend than seeing it at the biggest ceremony of them all: the Oscars. And while the 96th annual Academy Awards this year is stuffed with glittering makeup, elaborate updos, and impossibly dewy skin, the most creative craze might be all the silver nails on the red carpet. The cool-toned celestial look comes in variations, ranging from subtle and demure to crystal-studded and wildly glamorous — a “moonlit manicure,” if you will.

Unsurprisingly, beloved maximalist Florence Pugh opted for the metallic style, decking out her translucent extensions with a constellation of silvery stones. Best Actress nominee Lily Gladstone also went for fun and drama, her reflective mani a refreshing remix on chrome polish. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Regina King’s oyster-gray nails are a timeless, sophisticated way to jump on the bandwagon, and they happen to offer striking contrast to her clementine-colored gown. These A-listers — and more — demonstrate that this is a movement that’s easily tailored to one’s personal style. Don’t be surprised if silver nails are the sleeper hit this spring in general.

Ahead, get acquainted with Hollywood’s new favorite manicure.

Florence Pugh

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Looking like a million bucks in her platinum-colored gown, Pugh matched the crystals on her bodice and skirt to the silvery jewels on her nails. With every wave, the Dawn Sterling-crafted mani catches the light and reflects shine.

Lily Gladstone

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

And speaking of reflective — Gladstone’s silver chrome nails are so mirror-like, she can practically check her (immaculate) reflection in them. A long yet natural almond shape, the Yoko Sakakura-created manicure matches the metals in her elegant jewelry.

Ava DuVernay

Sarah Morris/WireImage/Getty Images

With what might be the coolest manicure of the entire night, DuVernay’s softly silver, iridescent-finish set picks up on the colors around it. Laid against her bold red clutch, her nails are nearly pink; resting on her powder-blue gown, they’re a true pearly gray.

Regina King

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A beautiful blend of grey and beige — remember the greige trend from the 2010s? — King’s manicure is so sophisticated. She opted for the polish on her natural nails, which adds to the classic factor.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Aliah Anderson/Getty Images

Taylor-Joy and manicurist Kim Truong captured two trends at once with the actor’s Oscar night manicure: the silver and square-shaped nails. It also happens to match the steely color palette of her beaded gown, jewelry, and smoky gray eyeshadow — talk about an overachiever.