Zara’s First-Ever Hair Collection Is Here & Kaia Gerber Is Introducing It

The whole line is gold.

Courtesy Of Zara
Kaia Gerber with Zara Hair collection box

The concept of hair accessories is almost kind of redundant — a self-expressive style is already the best possible add-on to any outfit. But with the launch of the brand’s very first hair products, Zara is taking the concept even further to introduce some extra elegance to the everyday. Created in collaboration with legendary hairstylist Guido Palau, the initial drop is a gilded four-piece collection that aims to add a bit of excitement to even the most straightforward looks. The Spain-based company has been growing its empire beyond clothing — a cosmetics line was introduced in 2021 — and the beauty category is a brilliant way to expand Zara’s luxe-for-less brand.

Created for extravagant party moments and elevated day-to-day styles alike, Palau tells TZR that the pieces could be described, essentially, as “makeup for hair.” This first collection all centers around a gold theme, comprised of a glistening gel, a metallic glitter spray, and a shiny metal bobby pin and comb. “To me, gold feels very glamorous,” Palau says, explaining that the line are good for year-round use but feel extra-special for the holiday season. For some added inspiration, Zara tapped Kaia Gerber to tease the new releases, complete with an exciting campaign video with Palau that hints at how much fun it is to play around with the products.

Courtesy Of Zara

The beauty of the first curated collection is in its true versatility. Palau says the possibilities are vast, ranging from adding a slight shine to your usual style to a layered bobby pin look for standout hair perfect for big parties. He likens them to highlighters and shimmery makeup products — heap them on for can’t-miss-it boldness or use them sparingly to enhance your natural features.

Zara Hair’s first four-piece collection, sold together as a set.Courtesy Of Zara

The collection can really be divided into two halves: products and accessories. The gold comb and bobby pin set are perhaps the most familiar items, good for form and function in equal measure. But when it comes to the glitter spray and gold-flecked gel, that’s just pure fun. To incorporate them, Palau suggests starting with the construction of your actual hairstyle first, be it a messy ponytail or a sleek, slicked-back knot. “You can create a slight highlight or ‘shimmer line’ in the hair,” he says, which would be the equivalent of some natural, dewy illuminator along the cheekbones, “or you can layer the gel and spray to create a shiny, sparkly look. Layer to your heart’s content for a bold statement.”

Zara Hair’s Gold Gel and Gold Glitter Spray.

Zara Hair Gold Gel.Courtesy Of Zara
Zara Hair Gold Glitter Spray.Courtesy Of Zara

The four-piece is united by its gilded theme, of course, but also fits right in with what Palau considers to be the top trend of the season: individuality. It’s all about “embracing whichever hairstyle makes you feel most confident and comfortable, whether that is an ‘80s updo or a modern, futuristic look,” he explains to TZR. “Any look that makes you feel like yourself is always going to be on trend.” With Zara collection of creativity-stoking hair products, it’s easy to get expressive.

Zara Hair’s Gold Collection retails exclusively as a set for $50, available Nov. 30.