According To Bevza, This Blush Trend Is About To Be Everywhere This Fall

The S/S ‘22 beauty look is seriously pretty.

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Bevza SS22
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In a world chock-full of Kardashian-inspired contouring and supermodel glowy skin, applying blush is an often overlooked step in complexion makeup. But, there’s nothing that can wake up your whole entire face like a good swipe of blusher (as queen Charlotte Tilbury phrases it). And that’s exactly what the heavy blush look at Bevza’s Spring/Summer 2022 show advocated for this season.

“The makeup look is really all about skin, it’s super natural skin — very healthy, not dewy, but almost as if it’s super hydrated with a satin finish,” key makeup artist Andrew Colvin-Medina tells TZR about the look backstage. “You know those people that you’re jealous of who wake up and just have incredibly porcelain skin. That’s pretty much the look with a sun-kissed blush that sweeps across the cheeks.”

To achieve the bright effect (without it ever feeling too heavy), Colvin-Medina explains, “we took about half-part of the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and half-part of the [Chanel] red [cream blush] — there’s a hot orange on the fairer girls [185 Caramel] and a fire engine red [190 Eclat Solaire] on the girls with darker complexions.”

Bezva S/S 2022 by Kelsey Stewart

With a synthetic brush, he buffed the product out right on the cheekbones up to the lash line, and then swept it over the bridge of the nose. “We’re making sure not to come too close to the sides of the nostrils so it still feels lifted,” he adds. After, the makeup artist went back over with a regular concealer shade in the under-eye area to smooth everything out. “And then with our very, very minimal leftover concealer [on the] brush, we’re just buffing it on the cheekbones so you don’t notice any harsh lines and it’s all very blended. It’s a very easy look.”

Then, to set the cream blush and foundation stick, the makeup artist used a power blush, specifically Exhibit A by NARS. And for the eyes, which were totally bare — no mascara required. “{we did a] very, very gentle curl on the eyelashes, and then the eyebrows were brushed up,” he says about the remainder of the look. The same went for the lips — the pout was left product-free.

Bezva S/S 2022 by Kelsey Stewart

While the blush was without a doubt the star of the show, the hair was definitely worth your attention, too. Heather Packer, the key hairstylist for the show, says, “It’s soft clean center parts, and then everyone will have a soft wave. And in the end, we’ll have a little bit of texture and separation.” Across the board, she describes it as light and airy. “There’s going to be some sweet little baby hairs that peek out around the hairline — but, not in a sculpted way — in an airy, soft kind of [feel],” she adds.

According to Packer, because the collection has a lot of nautical influence, the designer, Svitlana Bevza, didn’t want to make the hair too obvious by being shiny or wet. “And when she talked to me about it, and [we] talked about baby hairs, I wanted to make that a little bit different too. I wanted it to be soft and not sculpted.”

Product-wise, Mr. Smith’s The Foundation was responsible for the look. “We dampened the hair, we applied it section by section, and blow-dried it in.” Next up, she added a bit of hairspray to set the baby hairs and add texture throughout the ends. The other models sported an on-trend low, tight braided ponytail. “They’ll also have baby hairs and a center part,” Packer explains. “And those baby hairs will also be soft.”


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