6 Summer 2024 Haircut Trends To Bookmark Before You Head To The Salon

Beat the heat.

summer 2024 haircut trends

One of the easiest ways to avoid summertime sadness that can set in during those long, hazy days in July? Kicking off the season with a fresh, warm weather-friendly hairstyle. While completely overhauling your cut when the weather changes is common cadence (and about when your ends start to get a little ragged), you need to be a little more strategic when the forecast calls for back-to-back heatwaves. That’s where the top summer 2024 haircut trends come into play. This set of looks will keep you feeling (and looking) cool in the heat.

If you’re in the market for a dramatic transformation, the bell-bottom bob, the latest iteration of the timeless cut going viral is a solid option. Characterized by playful flippy ends, the style can hit a little above the chin or at your shoulders. Whatever length you choose, you’ll be happy your hair isn’t weighing you down in the humidity. For those who want their cut to look fresh without completely overhauling it, why not add a set of bangs to your existing length? This season, soft retro curtain styles and edgy choppy bangs are more popular than the rest.

With options for every hair length, texture, and desired level of change, it can be tough to figure out which look to try. That’s why TZR tapped experts to walk you through the six biggest haircut trends of summer 2024. Read this guide, then book that appointment with your stylist.

Bell-Bottom Bob


Ah, the bob. The timeless chin-length cut that defies social media trend cycles. While yes, the look will always be in style, you can try a different take on it whenever you’re in the mood for a hair refresh. If you find yourself in this mindset this summer, get acquainted with the bell-bottom bob before heading to the salon. Tom Smith, hairstylist and trend forecaster, says this iteration of the classic cut is “a one-length bob that sits anywhere between the chin and the shoulders. It is a smooth silhouette, flattened at the roots and then flicked out at the ends in a bell shape silhouette.” He adds that it can be a shorter cut for those who have longer bobs, or if it sits at the shoulders, an option for those growing their hair out.

Choppy Bangs


Adding a set of choppy bangs into the mix ups the cool factor of any haircut. And the range and customization of this fringe style is exactly why it’s become so popular in recent months. Jacelyn Bautista, stylist at NYC THE TEAM hair salon, says they’re also a great option for anyone toying with the idea of getting full, blunt bangs in the near future. “My tip for anyone looking to try a choppy fringe is to find inspiration photos you love and ask your stylist to customize it for you and your individual look,” she adds. “Your stylist should be showing you how to style the bangs and which products to use to accentuate them.”

Hourglass Layers


The quiet luxury aesthetic is all about looking expensive while simultaneously being minimalist, which you can channel with your hairstyle in addition to your wardrobe. So what does stealth wealth hair look like? An extra-long, waist-skimming length with hourglass layers. Smith describes this look as “a very long, fluid shape where the longest layers are unstructured, and the longest parts sit at the waist.” It’s a technique that compliments your body in addition to your facial structure. He says it’s suitable for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to maintain their ends, and recommends including a bond-building product into your routine to help strengthen strands.

Pixie Cuts

Arnold Jerocki/GC Images/Getty Images

Over the suffocating feeling of sweaty hair sticking to the back of your neck and shoulders after just a few minutes outside? Go all in and chop your hair into an of-the-moment pixie this summer, whether that includes a shaggy version with soft layers or a tighter choppy crop. Better yet, Bautista says the gamine cut is nearly effortless with little daily styling necessary. However, maintaining your pixie with routine trims every six to eight weeks is essential. “I always recommend this time frame because you want the shape and texture to stay intact,” she says.

Mid-Length Cuts


Mid-length haircuts are ideal for anyone who’s not ready to commit to short hair and isn’t up for the high-maintenance nature of long hair. The length is a sweet spot because you’ll have enough to work with to style your hair in various ways and you’re half-way to a bob, if that’s a look you’ve been considering. “It’s usually a cut that prepares you to go shorter the next time,” Bautista shares. “As a stylist, most clients come back after going mid-length very ready for something shorter.” The stylish notes that if you have a curly texture, be sure your length matches the inspiration image you show your stylist when it’s completely dry and styled. This will ensure you leave the salon with your desired look.

Soft Curtain Bangs


If you’ve been debating getting bangs for so long you have multiple Pinterest boards dedicated to various iterations, there’s one style that’s virtually risk-free. Curtain bangs virtually look good on everyone. They’re longer than straight-across versions and typically hit at the top of your cheekbone or just above your jawline. This style also frames your face, well, much like a curtain would a window. Curtain bangs are commonly considered the gateway to bangs because they grow out seamlessly and can be pinned back, if needed. You can also leave them out when you wear your hair up for an effortless vibe. And all of these aforementioned benefits are why they continue to trend season after season.