The Updated Shag & Soft Bob Lead Spring’s Hottest Haircut Trends

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by Calin Van Paris
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Laura Harrier bob haircut for spring

With winter’s thaw comes an opportunity to embrace an aesthetic refresh in the form of a spring haircut, a pruning (whether subtle or dramatic) designed to stay in step with the beauty of the season. “It’s really about healthy hair that moves and feels light and fresh,” says celebrity hair stylist Mara Roszak of the current must-have hair looks. “Nothing that feels forced or hard or overly stylized.”

Stylist Justine Marjan agrees. “Effortless beauty, bouncy, healthy hair,” she says. “The pandemic got us all taking care of our hair at home and trying new DIY beauty routines. We are better at hair maintenance from home than ever—and it shows.” From soft bobs to Bixies, bohemian lengths to ever-evolving bangs, spring’s styles are all about hair health, centering on growth and, when abbreviated, fluid movement.

But length, texture, and even trend aside, spring’s hair vibes are also about fun. “I think there’s been a surge of experimentation and creativity in the wake of the pandemic,” says Rena Calhoun, Hunter Schafer’s go-to stylist. “I always encourage my clients to be adventurous, especially when it comes to hair. Hair can be your best accessory, and at the end of the day, fortunately, it always grows back!” Always a nice reminder when the trend-scape calls for some a serious chop.

Ahead, the top six haircut trends that celebrity hair stylists predict will dominate the season. From short to super-short to down-to-there, your perfect spring haircut awaits.

All Brand of Bangs

Bangs are back in a big, and highly individualized, way. Between curtain cuts, micro fringes, bottleneck bangs, and curly bangs (which look especially striking for type 3 and 4 hair), the new guard of face-framers don’t discriminate — choose what’s best for your length and texture. Veteran stylist Gregory Russell has given bangs to a slew of celebrity clients (Lily Collins, for example) as of late. “They are a great option to do during winter because they can grow out to a face frame by summer,” says Russell. A style that gives as it grows is always a win.

Less-Is-More Layering

This spring, the layers are of the lengthy variety. “I’m seeing center parts styled with minimal volume flatter to the head, healthy shine, and soft long layers,” says Roszak. So, for those with medium to long hair, it’s a bit more about subtle texture in order to create visual intrigue rather than a full-on face-framing cut.

Soft Bob

“I’m seeing clients go for shorter chops,” says Roszak. “The ‘90s have obviously been an influence for a little while now, but I’ve chopped a few cuts recently that really felt different and fresh — soft bobs with no sharp, hard, or blunt lines.” Need an era-inspired reference? Think Cameron Diaz’s bob in There’s Something About Mary.

The Bixie

It’s a bob! It’s a pixie! It’s a bob/pixie hybrid! The Bixie was a mainstay in the ‘90s — favored by the likes of Winona Ryder and Meg Ryan — and has returned in recent years, with early adopters like Rowan Blanchard paving the way for a full-scale revival. “This is the perfect way to refresh tired strands and leave hair healthy and youthful,” say Marjan. “Ask your stylist to cut with a razor for lots of natural movement.”

Stylish Shags

Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish are among those demonstrating the power of the contemporary shag, a fringe-heavy, face-encasing chop that skims shoulders and traverses eras. “There is a natural ease with these cuts, nothing that feels forced or hard or overly stylized,” says Roszak. She’s right: It’s an edginess that feels gentle in its execution, more like the overgrown lengths of ‘60s classic rock than the sharper mullets of the ‘80s. A bonus? The chop works for a multitude of hair textures. Consider the new shag a decidedly ‘20s take.

Bohemian Blunt

Rapunzels, fear not — the season isn’t reserved for chops alone. “Besides bobs, I think we will see a lot of super long blunt cuts like Dakota Johnson’s iconic hair (shout out to her amazing stylist Mark Townsend),” says Clayton Hawkins, the stylist behind Olivia Rodrigo’s trademark tresses. Hawkins predicts a general lean away from laborious layers and toward more insouciant, classic styles. “Think effortless French girl who doesn’t have time to sit in the chair.”

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