Meet The Moxie, Spring’s Most Daring (& Versatile) Short Hair Cut

The shorter the better.

by Natasha Marsh
Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. And what better way to usher in a new season than a fresh new ‘do? If you’re brave enough to go short, check out seven of the best pixie cuts ideas to test out this spring.@tedgibson
Side Swoop Pixie

Show off your bone structure with a side swoop pixie with a tapered fade. For a volumized effect, blow dry the bang portion with a round brush.

Highlighted Pixie

Frosted ‘90s highlights is the modern 2022 take on pixie cuts. To keep the vibrant blonde, be sure to go in every four to six weeks for color touch-ups.

French Girl Pixie

Channel the ultimate cool-girl vibes with the French pixie. And because a structural pixie shape can quickly outgrow its shape, make sure shorter layers are spruced up and laid flat with a wax.

Moxie Cut

The moxie, a full-body pixie that perfectly marries a fohawk and pixie, is one of the edgiest short cuts for spring. To keep flyaways at bay, work in a texturizing cream when styling.

Curl Power Pixie

Let your curls do the talking with this volumized spiral pixie. To style daily, make sure to add a shine gloss to your routine.

Shaggy Pixie

For a more understated pixie, mix in voluminous layers and a soft wavy texture. Pair this with your favorite spring outfits for a head-turning season.

Mixie Cut

The mullet, a dominant 2021 hair trend, has been reinspired with a pixie cut to form the mixie. Defined by a classic short pixie front and length and choppiness in the back for the mullet aspect. This shaggy cut requires minimal to no styling: simply spritz a sea-salt spray for added texture.


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