This New Overnight Hand Treatment Erases Dark Spots While You Sleep

Complete with the most brilliant packaging.

Soft Services
Soft Service hand cream

Do you know that trope of the TV sitcom wife ritualistically applying her hand cream in bed before she goes to sleep? There’s a reason it exists. It’s no secret that skin care can best work its magic overnight, which is part of why most people tend to pile on the products at night rather than in the morning. Ideally, your evening hand care routine keeps your skin supple and moisturized throughout the day — but because of factors like frequent hand-washing, cold weather, or just overly dry skin, this isn’t always the case. Soft Services’ Theraplush hand cream, though, is here to change all that.

Described in press materials as yielding a “just-manicured feeling each morning,” the latest innovation from the solutions-focused body care brand coats hands in a nourishing, waxy layer of top-billed ingredients formulated to hydrate, smooth, and protect the skin. Designed to be used at the time of day when hands aren’t active (i.e., overnight), the Theraplush Overnight Treatment envelops the skin as you sleep, resulting in soft, hydrated hands all day long without the need for moisturizer reapplication.

The formula contains .05% pure retinol for smoothing fine lines and spots, a 1% colloidal oatmeal to soothe and hydrate, lactic acid for exfoliation, and even panthenol to help maintain the cuticles and plump thin, delicate skin.

Soft Services

Because of the chic and user-friendly packaging (which is vaguely reminiscent of the Loewe candles, but without such a steep price tag), Theraplush is a seamless addition to nighttime body care routines. Due to the high percentage of pure retinol in the formula, the airless pump system protects the product from oxygen exposure. The packaging itself is inspired by carved jade ritual objects and accommodates a single 6-week treatment pod that can be repurchased separately for $36.

Soft Services recommends using Theraplush as the last step before going to sleep, instructing the user to take off their jewelry and place it on the dipped surface of the magnetized lid. That lid is easily removed to dispense the cream, and just as simple to push close again — there’s no fiddling with cumbersome packaging with slippery, freshly-moisturized hands here.

Theraplush is available now exclusively on Soft Services.co for $58. Shop the product below and start stocking up on your cold weather skin care essentials.

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