The $404 Candle This TZR Editor Has On Her Wishlist

That’ll Soon Be On Yours, Too

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A luxe candle in a cream-beige-navy candleholder next to three vases
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It's hard to pin down exactly what it is that's so tempting about expensive candles. Maybe it's the fact that burning them feels like the epitome of luxury, or that they almost always come in beautifully designed vessels that make your vanity look so chic. Whatever the reason, the appeal is real — and TZR editors are clearly not exempt from the lure. In fact, the entire team has one (or more) on their wishlist, and they're all rounded up ahead for easy shopping. Just consider this your official luxe candle gift guide for the season, because it has basically every candle worth gifting (and hopefully receiving, too).

And no, they're not *all* Diptyque candles, either. While sure, it was impossible to resist adding a few (how could we not mention a three-wick Baies candle?), there are plenty of other finds the TZR team is lusting after that you'll soon be pining for, too. From a classic Jo Malone scent to TZR’s Senior Fashion Editor’s beloved $404 designer candle you're sure to find a gift for every kind of luxe candle lover, ahead.

An Outdoorsy Candle

“This is my ultimate candle for the winter when you don't particularly want to spend a ton of time outdoors, but you still miss the scent of trees on a leisurely hike.” - Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor

The Warm Vanilla Candle

I’m a sucker for a good vanilla scent and this candle gets it so right — not too sweet and just the right amount of warm notes for that ultimate cozy feel. —Annie Blay, Associate Beauty News Editor

The Light Feminine Candle

“I opened this up a few days ago and I’m almost halfway through it already. I’m not one for super strong scents, so this light peony smell is right up my alley. —Kelsey Stewart, Fashion & Beauty Writer

The Super Citrusy Candle

“This bright, citrus-scented candle is so perfect for a sunny, Sunday afternoon at home. It evokes happiness and sweetness, plus is made of all-natural soy wax with a recycled white glass jar. It's clean and fruity without being overpowering.” —Rebecca Iloulian, Associate Director, Marketing and Audience Development

The Classic Rose Scented Candle

“Call me old-fashioned if you want to, but a rose-scented candle is cozy romance personified. I adore it.” -Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor

A Candle That Can Be Upcycled

“I just received the mini version of this Loewe candle and the sweet scent fills up my whole room. I'd love to upgrade to the big size and then once it's finished, use the pretty container for one of my many plants.” — Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

The Home Decor Candle

"A candle is one of the easiest decor items you can own to liven up your space. I always look for colorful and fun shapes, like this twisted one to add into my collection." —Marina Liao, Senior Fashion News Editor

A Luxe Citrus Scent

"I'm a sucker for citrus scents and Nest candles, so this luxe find checks all the boxes." — Angela Melero, Deputy Editor

The Exotic Candle

“I'm dying to get my hands on this entire collection, but Silk Pajamas is definitely going on my wish list. Aside from being named after my ideal lounge clothing, this scent seems like the perfect blend of zesty citrus and cozy spice.” —Catherine Santino, Beauty News & Shopping Writer

The Perfect Candle Set

"The one place I frequently light candles is in my bathroom and I use this set from Brooklinen. They burn well and smell great. Plus, they make for an easy last-minute housewarming gift!" — Marina Liao

The Creamy Comfort Scent

Sage and oat are two of my favorite scents — both are so comforting, so this scent is a must have for me. — Annie Blay

The Woodsy Minimalist Candle

"I love the smell of burning wood, but I live in NYC where nature (and a fireplace) are both hard to come by. As an alternative, I light this woodsy cedar leaf candle and I'm instantly transported to the forest." — Marina Liao

The Cozy Candle

“I'm big into camping and the outdoors and this candle reminds me of a wood fire — cozy and calming.” —Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

A Candle That Reformation Fans Will Love

“A few years ago, I happened upon this candle in Reformation’s Soho store, and have been thinking about it ever since — musky.” — Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor

The Candle You'll Burn Through Way Too Quickly

"When I got my first Cochine candle last year, I fell head over heels and somehow made it last for a full 11 months (I just couldn't bear to part with it). I just got the brand's newest limited-edition candle, though, and it's somehow even better — so good, in fact, that I've burned through more than half in November alone. I'll definitely be splurging on a new one soon." — Anna Buckman, Living & Wellness Writer

A Subtly Scented Diptyque Candle

"I've only heard good things about Diptyque candles, so I'm itching to try one out myself! Scent wise, I go for something more subtle, so I would love to try out the Roses candle." — Kelsey Stewart

A Minimalist Pine-Scented Candle

"The scent of this candle is seriously intoxicating to me (especially since I'm a huge fan of Christmas-y smells like pine). Plus, it's simple, black jar fits right into my minimalist home." — Anna Buckman

The Candle That Smells Like Perfume

"R+Co's Dark Waves candle smells like a very attractive, very heavily perfumed person to me — and I'm obsessed. It's definitely a heavy scent, but it's perfect for winter on a cozy night." — Anna Buckman

A Candle That'll Give Your Home Festive Vibes

"I love a seasonal scent that makes my home feel like a true holiday abode and this candle delivers those very vibes." — Angela Melero

The Nature-Inspired Candle

"I love how much this candle looks as much as I love its nature-inspired scent. I want one of these in every room of my home." — Anna Buckman

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