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These Silk Press Products Keep My Winter Hair Shiny & Sleek

They never fail.

Courtesy of Jessica Fields
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There was a time when I dreaded straightening my hair during the winter. The detangling and blow-drying alone could take a big chunk out of my weekend plans. Then there’s the cold weather, which beckons frizz and possible breakage. In my 10-plus years of being natural, I’d gotten my silk press routine down to a T. But come January, I always need to switch things up. Though my regimen stays the same, my hair requires a lot more hydration. To make my look (and efforts) last, I’ve found that I need the right combination of nourishing silk-press products.

My hair is extremely sensitive during this time of year. Not only does the cold air (and heat indoors) strip my strands of moisture, but it can also make them feel brittle. On top of this, I adore wearing beanies — which can increase dehydration and breakage. Thus, I’ve learned to incorporate products that strengthen and moisturize my 4B curls from start to finish. I usually straighten my hair once a month to lessen the risk of heat damage. But achieving a smooth and shiny finish is just the beginning. Making it last week after week is a different story.

I know I can’t completely fight the elements. However, this routine has kept my hair sleek year after year. Below, see the products I rely on for my winter silk presses.