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These Pink Blushes Are So Pretty, They Practically Do The Flirting For You

Rose-colored everything.

Patrick Ta Beauty model wearing pink blush
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If I had a dollar for every time I was reduced to tears over unfixable crooked eyeliner, moments before walking out the door, my student loans would be but a distant memory. Same goes for caked-up foundation and eyeshadow experiments gone awry — but you know the one product that’s never once failed me? A classic pink blush. No matter how many minutes I have to get ready — or how many drinks I’ve had, too, for that matter — it’s practically impossible to screw up blush, the absolute best burst of color for the face. It makes anyone and everyone look vibrant, healthy, and downright alive, so it’s no wonder that assorted blush techniques and bright, bold pinks are having a real moment on social media and in the celebrity world alike.

In the past year, viral makeup hacks like “double-blushing” and “sunblushing” have exploded in popularity, and I definitely participated in all of them. As someone with deep-set eyes (that is, they’re really far back in my skull), an extra pop of pink along my protruding orbital bones quite literally made me rethink undereye filler. The beauty of blush is that it’s actually pretty difficult to overdo. If you accidentally sweep too much on, the tiniest dot of foundation will take it down a notch — but it’s among the first product to be absorbed by the skin anyway, so there’s always just rolling with a little extra rosiness in the meantime. Trying out so many different tips and tricks, I naturally went through tons of product as well. Some of them I’ve tested in my capacity as a beauty editor, but it’s mostly been me and my battered bank card putting different shades, formulas, and finishes over the years to find the very best stuff out there.

Ahead, your screenshot-able cheat sheet to the top pink blushes of the moment — go ahead and open up a few more tabs for shopping.

Amanda Ross