Pastel Eyeshadow Is The Prettiest Way To Wear Colorful Makeup

Move over brights.


Pastel eyeshadow used to have a bad reputation for being notoriously hard to wear. But today's watercolor shades like lilac, baby blue, and green are breathing new life into the trend. Paired with dewy or matte skin, here are eight of the best pastel eyeshadow ideas to inspire your next makeup look.

Pastel Wings

Sometimes less really is more and this subtle banana yellow liner is proof. If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your cat eye, a simple swipe of yellow can do the trick.

Mint Green

Y2K styles, like this minty green shadow, are still trending high this season. Try going for the full 2000s look and pair yours with a pinky-brown frosted lip.

Lilac Lids

In case you missed it, purple is having a major moment this year. Moving into the warmer months, opaque lilac shades are ideal for an all-over lid look that feels light and fresh.

Rainbow Bright

These pastel colors melded together are reminiscent of a rainbow sky fading after a fresh rainfall. Pair your multicolor shadows with extra-long black lashes for the ultimate doe-eyed look.

Baby Blue

A powdery matte shadow gives a nice contrast against dewy skin. When going this bold on the eyes, keep the rest of the makeup look simple with lightly flushed cheeks and a natural lip color.

Fiery Red

Opaque finishes look just as pretty in bright shades like this fiery red shadow. Plus a vibrant color really complements a full matte makeup look.


The glazed finish trend maybe loosing steam for nails, but for this frosted eyeshadow look the added pearly sheen feels luxe and current.

Highlighter Pink

The beauty of a high pigment blush is that it can also double as eyeshadow. Take a cue from this look and match your eyes and cheeks for an icy cool look.


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