Lizzo Put Her Signature Glam Spin On TikTok’s Viral ‘I’m Cold’ Makeup Trend

It’s *so* perfect for winter.

Lizzo with Afro, ear cuff, and rosy blush

Lizzo may be the queen of blazing her own path, but even she can’t resist a good beauty trend every now and again. From her Special concert tour to her memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live, the singer has debuted a number of stunning looks throughout the year — and she’s not done yet. In celebration of the holiday season, Lizzo and her glam team got creative with a Santa Claus-inspired photoshoot, complete with a red and white wig and frosty eyeshadow. In her latest festive look, Lizzo’s nose blush takes on the “I’m cold” makeup trend with her signature opulent flair.

On Christmas Day, the singer dropped a new series of Instagram photos dressed in a fuzzy pink bunny suit and large black-framed glasses, presumably a nod to the beloved holiday film, A Christmas Story. “Merry Christmas y’all. It’s been a weird year,” she wrote in the caption. “Ups and downs and wild plot twists. All I can say is: hold on to the ones you love and expect the unexpected. Eat something good and give someone a hug today. 🎄” Of course, Lizzo’s holiday photos also include a stunning beauty look. Her hair is styled into side bangs, yet another re-emerging Y2K trend that’s set to make a serious comeback in 2023. The swooped bangs come to a curl around her jawline with the rest of her hair pulled back behind her head.

Her makeup look seems to take direct inspiration from the recent “I’m cold” blush trend that’s been circulating on TikTok in recent weeks. Seemingly the seasonal evolution of summer’s “sunburned” blush craze, the look is centered around exaggerated pink blush that is applied across the face onto the nose, mimicking the skin’s natural reaction to being in cold weather. Among TikTokers, the look is typically paired with a soft dusting of eyeshadow and matte lipstick, but Lizzo took things to the next level with dramatic, fluttery lashes, bold pink and silver eyeshadow, and blinding highlighter.

While the flushed, glittering makeup was created for a campy photoshoot, there’s no harm in taking notes for your IRL winter beauty looks; after all, over-the-top blush is set to continue as a major trend in the New Year.