Supergoop's Newest Launch Makes Morning Skin Care So Easy

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Courtesy of Supergoop
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For those of you who'd rather press snooze a million times than get up, morning skin care routines can feel like a major chore. And yet, skin is at its most vulnerable during the daytime when it's exposed to sun, so a good, protective routine is of the utmost importance. When it comes down to it, there are two key things your complexion really needs in the morning — an antioxidant (most commonly seen in the form of a vitamin C serum) and ... you guessed it, SPF. Enter Supergoop's latest innovation: Daily Dose — the first-ever product to combine these two morning skin care staples into one multitasking product.

You might be wondering what took so long and it turns out the answer lies in the complicated science of bringing these two ingredients together. "Problem-solving was our main inspiration here," says Supergoop founder Holly Thaggard to TZR. "And while that’s always at the center of our product development philosophy, there was another problem related to vitamin C that specifically drove us to create Daily Dose, the world’s first vitamin C serum with SPF."

The problem, she explains, is this: "when vitamin C is exposed to the sun without SPF, it’s 'photoincinerated,' or totally burned, and rendered ineffective. I thought it was time for us, as the experts in SPF, to give vitamin C the protection it so desperately needs from the sun by bottling both it and SPF together into one super-powered formula, a dreamy serum, so that all of the benefits from these powerhouse ingredients (like help fighting UV damage, hyperpigmentation, free radical damage, and a dull, uneven skin tone, for starters) would actually reach the skin."

Courtesy of Supergoop

It took a long time, however, to bring this idea to life. "SPF and vitamin C are notoriously hard to formulate together, so the development of Daily Dose was incredibly complex," Thaggard says. Both ingredients, she explains, "require specific pH environments in order to stabilize, which is something we were able to achieve through extensive research and development and countless formula iterations. This formula is over three years and 15 versions in the making!"

Innovation in the SPF space has always been at the heart of what Supergoop does — the brand's introduced eyeshadows with SPF and hair part powder to protect your scalp — all in the name of creating products that make wearing SPF every day easy. Happily, Daily Dose is no exception.

The ingredient list reads like a skin care aficionado's dream, with 10% vitamin C from the main source, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which provides antioxidant protection, and Thaggard says, is "one of the most efficacious ingredients to brighten skin." There's also 2% Kakadu plum (known for being nature's most potent source of vitamin C) and 2% niacinamide (another brightener, though it can also help reduce the appearance of pores, calm inflammation, and more). Together, Thaggard notes, they make up "a unique 14% brightening cocktail that works synergistically with our sunscreen actives to provide all-around protection."

And, furthering the cause of this being a one-and-done product, there's also hyaluronic acid for hydration and pseudoaltermonas ferment, a marine extract that helps protect against blue light. If the product is being used alone, the brand recommends using at least five full pumps to ensure adequate sun protection. The resulting 'Sunscreen Serum,' is ultra-light, and feels like a thin lotion when rubbed in. But, best of all, it gives you back some precious time in your morning routine — maybe even an extra snooze. Shop Daily Dose on December 28, below.

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