Supergoop! Just Launched Another Primer — & It’s *So* Different From Its Other Versions

Courtesy of Supergoop!
Supergoop!'s New Glowscreen is a primer that adds a glow effect

Even when you wake up in a fog or are scrambling to run out the door, you can thank Supergoop! — the cult-favorite sunscreen brand — for knowing how to produce a SPF product worth slathering on your face every. Single. Morning. (Because you should be applying SPF every. Single. Morning). And along with creating traditional formulas, the brand has figured out ways to make sunscreens that combine steps in your time-sensitive morning routine instead of adding them. Case in point: Supergoop!'s new Glowscreen primer has all the goodness of a makeup primer and high SPF protection, but with a glow steamed dumplings would be jealous of.

Think you've heard the words primer and Supergoop! in the same sentence before? You'd be right. The brand has already produced two fan-favorite formulas: Unseen Sunscreen, classic and tintless, and Mattescreen, sheer tinted and pore-erasing. But, Supergoop! clearly knows the power of switching up your look, which is why Glowscreen offers a new, glow-y finish.

The $36 tube works in three ways: as a primer for makeup, on its own for all-over glow, or dabbed on specific spots like the nose, cheeks, and temples for extra highlight. Unlike the other tinted primer, Mattescreen, which is mineral-based, Glowscreen has a rich combination of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, and shea lavender that leave skin feeling and looking dewy.

Courtesy of Supergoop!

And due to that pearlescent tint, say goodbye to white casts or shadows, because according to the brand, Glowscreen blends seamlessly onto all skin tones. But dewiness and sheen aside (and probably most importantly), the primer packs the Supergoop!-approved broad spectrum protection with SPF 40. This time around, it's also supplemented by cocoa peptides which help fight off free radicals and protect skin from blue light damage.

So, press snooze one more time because Supergoop!'s latest product has got you and your glow covered. You can find it starting Feb. 25 on the brand's website, in Sephora stores, on sephora.com, and directly below.