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My Honest Review Of The Buzzy New Saie Hydrabeam Concealer

Spoiler alert: I might never switch back

saie hydrabeam concealer review

In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, our writer is testing the new Saie Hyrdrabeam Concealer.

The search for the best concealer seems as never-ending as my quest for a signature perfume or the perfect vintage Levi’s style since there are countless ways to define “the best” when it comes this particular cosmetics product. Are you the kind of makeup wearer who’s after full coverage, even in the dog days of summer? Or do you opt for something more lightweight and a little sheer? Since I already have a concealer that I’ve been using for five years, I was curious to see how the buzzy new Saie Hydrabeam Concealer would stack up.

If you’re not already familiar with the brand, Saie’s first foray into the world of concealers comes after the massive success of its Slip Tint, the brand’s take on a clean tinted moisturizer. After cementing itself as the authority on lightweight coverage, it makes sense that the brand’s concealer falls along the same lines — think maximum blendability, a range of nine adjustable shades, and a clean formula, all for less than the average luxury offering.

Now after taking the product for a test run, I think I might be a full-blown convert to Saie’s new concealer. Read on to see how the dewy formulation compares to my go-to concealer of the last half decade.

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Fast Facts

  • Best for: Light to medium coverage
  • My rating: 5/5
  • Brand: Saie
  • Clean/Cruelty-Free? Yes
  • What I like: Simple, doe foot applicator
  • What I don't like: Color in container may not read identical to the way it sinks into skin; could have more shade offerings

My Skin

I’ve always been a big concealer-as-foundation kind of girl. I love keeping my coverage concentrated, and really focusing on moisturizing the skin underneath. I’m looking to address my undereye discoloration and the occasional breakout as well as around my nose and into my cheeks for a more even skin tone.

Saie’s Hydrabeam Concealer

Hydrabeam focuses on blending and blurring the skin — anything touted as a sheer isn’t going to cut it for a high coverage, full face moment. SaieGlowTM, the brand’s signature ingredient for dewy skin, plays a large role in the formulation. Nine flexible shades offer a match for lots of skin tones, but there’s room to improve the range, no matter how flexible it claims to be. Squalene and glycerin offer the concealer an easy-to-apply bounciness (the former is an emollient, which helps to soften the skin, while glycerin is a humectant that adds hydration). Cucumber extract helps to smooth and de-puff, and tomato brightens and evens out the skin tone.

Saie HydrabeamErika Veurink

The Science Behind Hydrabeam

Hydrabeam is just the latest in the skin care-meets-makeup trend that is slowly taking over the cosmetics world. “Since concealer is going to be sitting against the skin all day, any ingredients that are good for the skin are an added benefit,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Courtney Rubin, citing the concealer’s star ingredients glycerin and squalane, which hydrate and condition the skin.

When I asked her for advice for those with acne-prone skin, she explained the importance of finding a concealer that doesn’t clog pores, leading to more breakouts. “In general, makeup that is meant to be ‘long wear’ or ‘sweat proof/resistant’ is more likely to contain ingredients and film forming agents that will clog pores, so I’d suggest avoiding those.” She also stresses that anyone, whether or not you deal with acne, should prioritize application — so be sure to apply with clean hands or tools.

Hydrabream Packaging

While it seems every brand is claiming greener shipping options, it was charming to see Saie’s innovative efforts in packaging. My concealer arrived in a cardboard box padded with a sealed paper envelope filled with cotton balls. Packing peanuts are so outdated.

First Impression Of Saie Hydrabream Concealer

My preference when it comes to concealers, and the one I’ve stuck with for five years, is the pot format as I find that blending with my fingertips helps provide the most natural finish (and this delivery system makes that easier). So, I was nervous about using a doe foot applicator, but following the brand’s instructions, I stuck with only three dots under each eye. There was some pressure when screwing the cap back into the concealer, but if anything, it helped ensure I was keeping the product from any potential spillage. The tighter fit also allows for a longer shelf life for the product.

The best word to describe the product off the doe foot applicator was velvety. Creamy on the skin, Hydrabeam felt easy to blend with fingers, and I imagine, with a brush or Beautyblender as well. The color read much truer to my skin tone once it was out of the bottle (it appeared to be too warm inside the packaging), but since it’s more sheer, it adjusted to my skin tone much more easily. Unlike other similar formulations, there wasn’t a rush to finish applying before it dried or dripped down my face. Once it was applied, it blended seamlessly into my skin and stayed put all day.

The Results

Erika’s Bare FaceErika Veurink

Immediately after applying the product, I noticed a brightness in my undereye area. After a day of walking around, in and out of a mask, I was thrilled at how the color seemed to seep into my natural skin texture, while still providing adequate coverage. It was great for concealing general redness, but would also be ideal for targeting specific spots, like breakouts or scars, but you might need more than one layer to achieve the coverage you need. Happily, I didn’t experience any under eye creasing throughout the day — the added moisturizing ingredients likely helped the dreaded cakey-ness that often accompanies some heavier concealers.

Erika's Face With HydrabeamErika Veurink

Ingredient Quality

Saie’s attention to using only clean ingredients is baked into every product the brand releases. Using Saie Standards, it’s easy to search product ingredients by what you know your skin responds negatively to and what you might be trying to avoid.

Similar Products To Hydrabeam

First, you have the concealer that every Youtube makeup artist swore by for over a decade: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Not only is Saie’s new concealer a great dupe, it’s also less expensive. Another product in the Youtube Hall of Fame is Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer. At under $10 and with 18 shades, this product is great for someone trying out concealer for the first time. But if you want a creamy option that doesn’t cake and utilizes clean ingredients, Saie is a great pick.

Is Hydrabeam Worth It?

At $26, this concealer is sitting at market average price-wise. For comparison, RMS or NARS offer cult-beloved concealers in the $30s range. Brands like Glossier or Maybelline are in the $10-$20 category. Considering you only need about three dots for a great deal of coverage, I deem the price very much worth it for the size.

Final Verdict On Saie Hydrabeam Concealer

This concealer feels like a one-size-fits-most for dewy skin, without sacrificing true coverage. Fans of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, this $26 clean version is for you, especially if you want a clean take on a beloved makeup staple. With summer on its way, I can’t wait to apply Hydrabeam in place of a heavier tinted moisturizer. It’s an easy five stars from me.

Product Specs

Key ingredients: Olive-Derived Squalane, Plant-Derived Glycerin, Tomato Extract, Cucumber Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Rice Starch, and Elderberry Fruit Extract

About the Tester

Erika Veurink is a beauty writer for sites like TZR, Byrdie, The Cut, Coveteur, and Beauty Matter.

Dr. Courtney Rubin MD, MBE, FAAD is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Fig. 1 Beauty.

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