If You’re Still Mastering Bronzer, Jones Road’s New Drop Cuts The Work In Half

Bronzed, blended, beautiful.

Courtesy of Jones Road
Jones Road The Bronzer model applying with brush
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Spring has yet to arrive, and yet the world is already looking ahead to its warmer weather and even well beyond. Regardless of time of year, though, a sun-brushed flush is always in-season — and you have Bobbi Brown to thank for that. The legendary makeup artist helped pioneer that sultry, natural-looking back-from-the-beach look that’s still wildly sought after in 2023. With the debut of the very first Jones Road bronzer — complete with matching bronzer brush, of course — that signature look is easier than ever to get at home, even for bronzer beginners.

It’s fitting that Jones Road’s new bronzer is called The Bronzer, as its purpose is refreshingly singular. Free of shimmer, glitter, or even gray tones typical of contouring products, The Bronzer works to warm and illuminate a wide range of complexion colors with a velvety-feeling, smoothing powder formula that blends well with other products to create a summery, sunny glow without the UV damage. The seven distinct shades range from hint-of-color Dusty Rose to deep, rich Terracotta, with plenty of in-betweens that can be used alone or blended into a custom color right there on the cheekbones. Under Brown’s watchful eye, The Bronzer’s development took two full years, she shares, and the creation process was a deeply involved one.

“The most important thing is what I didn't want,” Brown explains to TZR. “I didn't want a bronzer that looked dirty on the skin or ashy, or like powder on the skin.” Brown says when the lab team eventually perfected that final formula, she loved the way it tinted skin without simply looking like a layer of powder over the face. Nailing the distinct shades in the line was also a top priority for Brown, who understands well that everyone’s bronzer needs are different. “We worked on a range that would work on every anyone's skin, to either warm up the complexion, add a healthy glow, or correct certain things.”

Courtesy of Jones Road

Part of what helps The Bronzer glide on with such ease is the sold-separately Bronzer Brush, designed to deposit the right amount of product evenly and quickly. Brown explains there’s a distinct difference between this brush, created exclusively for bronzing, and other fluffy brushes made for products like blush. “A blush brush is cut for like the apple of your cheeks,” she says, while “The Bronzer Brush gets a much wider area and that helps with application.” She adds that the fluffy shape and bristles in the brush helps tint the skin quickly, especially for larger coverage areas like the neck while still looking lifelike. “I'm not a no-makeup person,” Brown clarifies — “I'm a no-makeup makeup person.”

Courtesy of Jones Road

When it comes to shade selection, Brown says there are a few different methods. Ideally, you’d have two shades in your kit to choose from or blend together depending on the time of year and your natural sun exposure. But undertones also come into play here. For example, Brown says she likes the pink-tinted Dusty Rose said despite its lightness because it cuts the yellow in her natural skin tone. “My tip is when you apply The Bronzer, start where the sun hits naturally hits you: your cheeks, the forehead, your nose, the chin — and then your neck, where the sun doesn't hit you just to blend it in. But when you go on the cheek and go up into the hairline, you have to take the brush and blend the sides down.” This ensures a seamless color all-over. And as a bonus, the shimmer-free formula with its finely-milled, velvet feel works well as a pressed-powder, too.

Even if your area still has a long way to go ‘til sunny, summery days, you can bring all the warmth right to you. Minus the vitamin D, of course.