(V Is For Vagina)

Huda Kattan Is Helping Launch The Most Luxurious Sexual Wellness Products Ever

KETISH is here, and it’s never been more needed.

KETISH promo shot of women's legs

If you know makeup, you absolutely know Huda Kattan. An early boldfaced name in beauty blogging, the artist-turned-mogul managed to seamlessly spin her knowledge and growing fanbase into a full-fledged beauty empire. But Kattan wasn’t content to stop at the top of the cosmetics heap. Kattan’s all about giving the new wave of female entrepreneurs a (well-manicured) hand up. Her incubator program, HB Angels, was formed from her investment office to do just that. The mission of using her own influence to amplify the voices of others fully pays off as Huda Kattan helps launch KETISH, a feminine and sexual lifestyle brand built around transparency, freedom, and agency.

KETISH isn’t the typical feminine health brand — not by a mile. Founded by Emaan Abbass, a former Huda Beauty product developer, the line’s inspiration came from Abbass’ own early, harrowing sexual health experiences. At her very first visit to the gynecologist at age 21, Abbass discovered she had both HPV and cervical cancer. Raised in a Muslim household like Kattan, Abbass says she was often forbidden from speaking on sexuality and gynecological wellness, left to heal from her diagnosis alone. Abbass took her experience and the accompanying feelings of isolation and stigma and developed KETISH, a line that actually makes sexual health and wellness luxurious, dignified, and downright fun.

KETISH Founder Emaan AbbassKETISH

“We want to take feminine and sexual wellness outside of the pharmacy — a place that’s typically associated with something being wrong, or feeling sick,” Abbass explains in a press release. “The products are going to be luxurious and effective, developed with wellness in mind.” The coolest part? “We've made them really beautiful and like your little secret weapon inside your bag, so you never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed when whipping it out on a date or on an outing with some friends.”

Though the exact products in the collection’s first drop are still under wraps ‘til mid-August, Abbass’ teasers already prove the goods will be well worth the brief wait. In lieu of many feminine care products’ often-patronizing floral and pastels packaging (not to mention coded language so polite and vague, you’re not even sure what the product is), KETISH products will be luxuriously and sleekly housed, chic enough to display on a nightstand or vanity.

From Left: Mona Kattan, HB Investments President; Emaan Abbass, FETISH Founder; Huda Kattan, HB Investments Chairwoman.KETISH

A line like KETISH has been so sorely needed in the feminine sexual health, it’s no wonder Kattan feels so strongly about helping Abbass’ vision come to life.

“The more I started talking to Emaan, the more I was convinced that she could change the category and make this sexy and empowering,” the HB Investments leader shares in a press release. This brand is deep within her. It's very purposeful. It's very powerful. It's very personal.” Mid-August can’t come soon enough.