How To Style A Headband, Courtesy Of These 7 Celebrity-Approved Looks
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Bella Hadid demonstrates how to style a gym headband the 2020 way

Few accessories can be worn on both the red carpet in Cannes and, as befittingly, a Sunday morning SoulCycle session. A beauty staple of royal standards, a frequent runway feature, sold at your nearest Target in packs of three for under $5 — such a peculiar mashup of idiosyncrasies can only be describing one thing: the ever-adaptable, eternally stylish headband. How to style one without looking like a first grader, ahead.

Nothing in the sartorial world measures up to the headband in terms of longevity and versatility. It's been around for decades, continuously reinventing itself and resurging in periodic waves: the silk scarves of the '60s, accordion styles of the '90s, then the preppy, bow-clad versions championed by Blair Waldorf during the Gossip Girl age.

In its latest revival, all retro iterations of the timeless trend come to a head. Bella Hadid has made the cotton kind you wear to the gym an unexpected street style essential while recent red carpets have favored more embellished takes. And for every category of headband that exists, there's another umpteen ways to wear them (including backwards, according to Fendi's Fall/Winter 2020 show). Seven ways to style the beloved accessory, below.

How To Style A Headband: Sporty & Cool Girl-Like

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Solely responsible for turning the classic gym headband into a chic fashion statement, Bella Hadid began wearing this old-school sports accessory last year. Unsurprisingly, it promptly became an Instagram-worthy cool girl necessity. Worn right along the hairline, it's a crafty way to cover up greasy roots.

How To Style A Headband: As The Main Event

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Contrary to Hadid's simplistic style, maximalist headbands are also having a moment. Sometimes they're knotted, often bejeweled, adorned with rosettes in the case of Chrissy Teigen (creator of the Headband of the Day Instagram series), or padded in the style of Kate Middleton. These are quick ways to add character to an outfit.

How To Style A Headband: Add Oomph To A Bun

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When added to a basic bun, even a modest ribbon can take your everyday topknot up a notch. Here, Sienna Miller demonstrates the added bonus of face-framing bangs.

How To Style A Headband: Liven Up A Ponytail

Likewise, an embellished headband does wonders for elevating a ponytail. Even Lucy Hale, whose signature bob winds up being but a tiny tuft when gathered at the nape of her neck, knows the value of this age-old trick.

How To Style A Headband: Conceal Bedhead

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Among its many abilities, the headband's greatest virtue is perhaps its power to cover up an unforgiving bout of bedhead. No need for a jazzy updo; just pile it precariously atop your head and reach for the chunkiest headband available, Eva Mendes style.

How To Style A Headband: With A Pixie Cut

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While fun scrunchies, clips, and barrettes are often confined to the long-haired set, headbands don't discriminate against any length of tresses. Pixie cut wearers can partake in this trend, too.

How To Style A Headband: Extend The Life Of A Blowout

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It's when you spend $50 on a fleeting Drybar treatment that this $10 hair accessory really comes in handy. On days when dry shampoo just isn't doing the trick, slick your roots back with a statement headband and tease slightly at the crown for a revitalized second-day style.

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