The Best Anti-Humidity Hairsprays For Your Hair Type And Budget

By now, you’ve realized summertime calls for extra-special treatment when it comes to your hair care routine. You’ve also come to accept that humidity is the sworn enemy of a good hair day (see: Monica Geller’s infamous ‘do in Barbados). Unfortunately, humidity has officially taken over at this point in the summer, meaning that stepping outside probably has turned into a less-than-delightful magic trick when it comes to your hair. Frizz halos instantly sprout up on once-sleek strands. Curls go from cute ringlets to full-blown tangled mess. So how to deal with the inevitable poofy transformation of your locks? You have one of two options. Either decide to become a “hat person” right here and now, or, fight back. Just like your beauty look calls for a final spritz of setting spray to shield it from the melt effect of sultry days, your hairstyle demands a line of defense too. Enter: Anti-humidity hairsprays. These high-performance formulas do more than just keep your style intact—they actively fend off the frizz-inducing power of humidity. Ahead, we’ve curated the best anti-humidity hairsprays to suit your hair type and budget. Whether you choose to save or splurge, rest assured, your strands will definitely be able to stand the heat—and humidity.


Humidity? What Humidity?

For Fine Hair: Save

Bamboo extract is the secret ingredient that amps up limp locks while still fighting frizz, even when humidity levels soar to 90%.

For Fine Hair: Splurge

Serious hold and serious bounce—that’s what this crunch-less hairspray promises, and that’s what it delivers. Ultra-conditioning pro-vitamin B5 visibly thickens fine strands for voluminous results, while amp copolymer and an exclusive holding complex tame hair in high humidity.

For Thick Hair: Save

The ultra-fine mist this hairspray emits belies the major hold it delivers, strong enough to combat even the muggy dog days of summer. Bonus: It helps maintain the touchable softness and supreme brushability of your thick, frizz-free mane.

For Thick Hair: Splurge

When you’re known as the highest-hold hairspray of a luxe hair brand’s entire portfolio, expectations run fairly high. Spoiler alert: This micro-diffusion spray totally lives up to the hype. Its lightweight, water-free formula holds its own against damp, humid weather, keeping your thick stands perfectly coiffed.

For Damaged Hair: Save

Specifically formulated to help you weather the elements (literally), this UV-protective hairspray contains the holy grail of frizz-fighting hair ingredients, keratin, which also helps strengthen and repair damaged strands.

For Damaged Hair: Splurge

Treat overly processed, fried locks and shield them from the frizzies with a single spritz of this restorative hairspray. It’s infused with pure organic bamboo extract to strengthen weak hair plus organic kendi oil to impart lustrous shine and smoothness.

For Coarse Hair: Save

Because coarse hair types skew frizzy by default, even on non-humid days, a potent humidity-resistant formula is a must, not a maybe. This firm-hold, quick-dry hairspray actually creates a defensive shield around each individual strand to fend off frizz and excess moisture for up to 24 hours.

For Coarse Hair: Splurge

It’s “Miami-tested” so you can be confident this high-performance hairspray is more than capable of fighting off the hair-inflating side effects of summer. Formulated with a unique copolymer to keep flyaways at bay, it effectively safeguards your style—no matter how frizz-prone your hair might be.

For Curls: Save

Keep curls springy—not stiff or crunchy—with this flexible hold hairspray that helps ringlets maintain their shape despite the sticky heat. Bonus: Its delicate hibiscus scent transports you to the tropics with every spritz.

For Curls: Splurge

Developed specifically for the curly haired girl, this lightweight hairspray provides touchable hold, infuses strands with supreme shine, fights off frizz and shields against humidity, thanks to a blend of wheat protein and unique styling copolymers.