If You Have Gray Hair, This Eyebrow Pencil Will Be Your Saving Grace

Pure perfection for defined brows.

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These eyebrow pencils for gray hair will complement your silver streaks.

It's common knowledge that your hair turns gray as you get older —including the hair on your eyebrows. Other factors like nutrient deficiencies in your diet, stress from your lifestyle, or hair pigmentation issues can also contribute to graying hairs — but that doesn't mean that your eyebrows shouldn’t look their best. There are a slew of gray eyebrow pencils that will help you blend those hairs to oblivion (or let them shine), along with some easy brow maintenance tips to keep them in tip-top shape.

“First, match or complement your natural eyebrow color with the pencil," makeup artist Min Min Ma, who works with Hailee Steinfeld and Leonardo DiCaprio, tells TZR. "I like to use fair, ashy shades and light blondes for fairer skin. The idea is to fill sparse areas and give them a shape without making them stand out too much, especially with gray coloring. Think of your brows as an accessory rather than the centerpiece."

Ma also likes to the use pencils that are larger in diameter instead of the skinny ones because they go on softer and more natural. "Again, it’s not about coloring gray color onto your brows. Instead, give them a shape,” she says. But if you want to let your grays glisten, that's totally fine, too. “I’d leave them be," Ma reflects. "Enjoy them. I wouldn’t pluck because good, youthful brows should look full and natural."

Ahead, see more tips and suggestions for the best eyebrow pencils for gray hair from Ma, along with Los Angeles-based artist Michelle Quaranta, makeup artist Joanna Schlip, and Molly R. Stern, an artist whose work can be seen in publications such as ELLE and Allure.

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Eyebrow Pencils For Gray Hair

Ma suggests this pencil for blending smooth and natural-looking arches. The Ash color is great for lighter skin tones, but it is offered in darker shades as well.

The powder in this formula works to fill in bald spots, while the pencil itself helps to add precision to your application.

Also a favorite of Ma, this eyebrow pencil blends in gray hair seamlessly, and the waxy formula helps keep everything in place.

"This pencil covers the gray well and is affordable in price," Quaranta tells TZR.

"Sometimes using a lighter brown color to fill in brows and then adding a setting with a shadow provides a very natural all-day look," Quaranta suggests.

Schlip raves about Mac’s Great Brow Sculpt in Taupe. "This is an easy to use pencil for quick and simple shaping," she says. Sadly, the brand discontinued their Great Brow Sculpt pencils, but luckily, they replaced it with the nearly identical Eye Brows Styler in Fling.

This one is also one of Schlip’s favorite eyebrow pencils for gray hair due to all the great shade options.

Brow Wiz is "an ultra-slim, retractable pencil for precise detailing and creating hair-like strokes," Schlip tells TZR.

"The formula gives you the blendability of eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil," Schlip says.

"These shades go on well and wear beautifully for someone who wants to blend the gray with a richer tone," Stern says.

"For more intense coverage, I would recommend a brow pen which deposits more of an ink to the brow shape, such as this one from Ardell," Stern tells TZR.

"My favorite brow pencils always have a hard formula so they can be drawn on with hair-like strokes and stick to the skin," Stern explains.

This jumbo pencil is easy to control, but sharp enough to create precise, hair-like strokes for feathery, dimensional, and full brows. Plus, it’s waterproof, so no smudging here.

Brow Flick is a detailing pen, so the light, feathery strokes look ultra realistic. You can choose to fill in sparse areas, extend the brow, or reconstruct your whole shape.

This precision tip pencil adds lasting definition that stays put for 10-plus hours, thanks to the no-budge waterproof formula.

This is a great retractable eyebrow pencil for gray hair that boasts a fine tip and built-in paddle brush — plus it’s waterproof and smudge-proof. But the real kicker is that it comes in 14 different shades, and you can use the Fenty website to “try on” your shade.

This angled brow pencil features a soft cream wax formula for added shape and definition. Plus, it’s refillable, so you can feel good about reusing the plastic housing.

This one technically isn’t a pencil, but the shades are great for gray hair as they aren’t overbearingly dark or orange-toned. A few strokes of this brow tinting wand fills in sparse areas while setting your shape in place for all-day wear.

A great budget-friendly alternative to Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, this micro pencil by NYX is super precise, so you can coat the tiniest areas and finest hairs and still keep it natural-looking.

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