The Best Eyebrow Pencils For Perfect Arches Every Time

You really should pencil these products in.

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Zendaya's thick eyebrows
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If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the window treatments: totally individual, an expression of personal style, and only as inviting as you want them to be. Whether you lean toward full thick brows or barely-there wispy brows, a well-sculpted eyebrow — regardless of how you choose to arch, lengthen, slick, or fluff — can do more to pull a face together than nearly anything else. Eyebrows are transformative, as anyone who can look back at their early aughts photos can say with confidence. A two-centimeter difference can take a face from Old Hollywood to cottagecore in 30 seconds — and with the best eyebrow pencils, shaping the perfect brow can be as easy as swiping on a half-dozen strategically placed strokes.

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Since the Great Eyebrow Boom Of The Late 2010s, every brand imaginable has brought out their own versions of eyebrow pencils covering every conceivable angle: some are double-ended with spoolies or thicker tips, some have a color library to match every hair color imaginable, and most have ultra-precise tips that make drawing individual hairs a breeze. To help you construct the brows of your dreams, this roundup details the latest, greatest, and best-reviewed eyebrow pencils out there for the ultimate eyebrow architecture.

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