Gigi Hadid Just Debuted Everyone’s Favorite Fall Hair Color

Say goodbye to the red.

Gigi Hadid with red hair over face 2021

It’s all been but completely forgotten that Gigi Hadid is a natural blonde. Her warm auburn hair — only colored earlier this year — was so expertly applied and widely imitated that it was easy to forget her hair didn’t actually grow out of her scalp in shades of Aperol Spritz orange. But in true It girl fashion, Hadid’s already moved on to bigger, better, and newer things. Gigi Hadid’s just-transformed brunette hair, recently dyed for the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, is just as rich, multidimensional, and eye-catching as her red hair — and it’s the perfect cold weather hair color to boot.

It appears that Hadid’s deep brunette hair, tinged with gold and a hint of warmth, is here to stay. Throughout July, the supermodel’s Instagram photos show a slow yet deliberate turn away from red, her signature shade of summer 2021. Based on the photo dump evidence, it looks like Hadid was letting the bright color fade before this photoshoot accelerated the process. The end result brunette (and accompanying hairstyle) is an autumnal fever dream: loose, textured waves, a glamourously haphazard braid, and a glistening mahogany color that emphasizes her green eyes. Of course, Hadid’s woven Gucci blazer definitely helps sell the dark academia aesthetic, too.

While her hair in this shoot is credited to celebrated hair artist Bob Recine (check out his incredible editorial work), it’s unclear if he’s responsible for the color or just the enviable style. Though this new dark hair makeover is a complete 180-degree turn from the light hair colors she typically wears, it’s still old hat for Hadid, one of fashion and beauty’s ultimate chameleons. She’s proudly worn several different shades of brunette over the years, ranging from a deep cocoa at a 2016 Balmain show to the muted gold-brown color she seems to favor during long stretches of downtime from work.

If it seems like celebrities everywhere are ditching the colorful trappings of summer in favor of richer, deeper autumn vibes early, it’s because they really are. Already, Hailey Bieber and Lizzo and trading in their neon nails for more subtle, cool tones, red and burgundy lipsticks are replacing glossy brights, and shoe toes are slowly starting to close everywhere. Hadid’s brunette transformation is yet another Hollywood harbinger of the fall just ahead.