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I Mastered The Art Of The French Bob Thanks To This Sleeper Hero Product

Trés magnifique.

Angela Melero
best products for French bob

After years of having a short, razor-cut bob (which often felt like a lot of work to maintain), I used the two years of introverted, social-distancing time to grow out my thick, naturally wavy hair. And, because the grass is always greener on the other side, as soon as my mane hit my middle back, I got the itch for short hair again — typical. The slew of cute, wavy Amélie-like haircuts hitting my IG feed were too much to resist. Also, this time around, I was prepared to approach my chop differently, with some pro tips and an arsenal of the best products for a perfect French bob.

As I sat in the salon chair with mountains of my long strands at my feet, I watched my go-to stylist Stefanie Luna work her magic on my full, type 2B hair. She explained that the key to getting that Parisian, effortlessly wavy bob was to follow a less-is-more policy. She spritzed a little here, dabbed a bit there, and gently blow-dried my mane with a diffuser, leaving it partially damp so the rest could air-dry. Perfection. My natural waves framed my face nicely, running imperfectly parallel to my jawline. My wispy bangs hung with ease, but not quite as lazily as curtain fringe.

Now, for context, my pre-COVID years with short hair saw me taking every hot tool under the sun to my hair, curling or straightening to get my bob to behave and look, well, perfect. The thing about a French girl bob is that the more work you do, the less natural the style looks. I accepted this challenge.

Now, about four or five months since I took the plunge, I’ve got the look down to a science. A science, that takes me all of 10 minutes to prep and style — and lasts me about three days (sometimes four!). Ahead, take a look at the steps and products that keep my curly bob looking so good, I may never go back to long hair again.

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Preparation Is Key

French Bob Styling Essentials

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