Unclog Your Pores & Get Glowy Skin With These 10 Exfoliating Body Serums

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by Natasha Marsh
exfoliating body serum for soft skin

You might have your at-home facial and hair regimes locked in with vitamin C-infused serums, overnight masks, dewy-moisturizers, and hair treatments. But outside of body wash and lotion, do you treat your body skin with the same TLC? If you answered no, it’s high time you invested in an exfoliating body serum.

Often containing retinol for long-term firming and smoothing benefits, salicylic acid to address breakouts, and vitamin C to brighten, body serums have more active ingredients than lotions — producing better overall illumination. In the same way that exfoliating your face relieves it of clogged pores, dead skin, and allows your products to better penetrate, exfoliating your body is essential for a smooth and healthy dermis.

Fortunately, there are two routes you can opt for: physical or chemical exfoliators. Physical exfoliators come in scrub form and gently buff away rough skin; whereas chemical ingredients will break down the keratin bonds responsible for the dead cells, leaving you with soft and hydrated skin. Plus, exfoliating body serums will also alleviate redness and work to firm skin.

However, too much exfoliation (more than twice a week) could be harsh on the body, leading to irritation — so be wary of going overboard. It should also be noted that exfoliating body serums are not a one-and-done product. Meaning, they should be applied and followed up with a body lotion to lock in moisture to keep skin from drying out.

To help you achieve sinfully soft skin, TZR has curated the below list of 10 exfoliating body serums that will rehydrate the skin and rid it of dead skin cells.

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