If You Don’t Already Use A Body Serum, This Cult-Favorite Product Will Make You Start

Gettin' bodied.

body serum

Once thought of as reserved for only the most beauty-conscious, using a thorough skin care routine is now considered a full-on daily standard practically up there with brushing your teeth. You might have even heard the (very wise) skin care advice to apply products all the way down to your nipples, treating that delicate décolleté area to the same TLC as your forehead. But what about the other 90% of skin located just below? Consider expanding your body care routine with the same sorts of products your face enjoys — think body serums, creamy moisturizers, nourishing oils, roller tools, and even sheet masks.

Body serums in particular are an easy entry point to the wild and wonderful world of body care for a few reasons: they’re a familiar product, often loaded with recognizable ingredients, and are quick to apply. Plus, it’s a body care product category already well built-out by several brands, meaning there’s a top-rated serum for everyone — or every body, you might say.

The best body serums available now mimic their facial counterparts in the sense that they’re targeted treatments formulated to address certain issues, be that firmness, brightness, exfoliation, or just overall rejuvenation and added moisture. While undeniably a bit decadent, you can think of the body serum application like a mini meditation session — just you, your skin, and the moment.

Below, shop some of the very best body serums out there right now.

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