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The Colorful Eyeliner Looks I'm Keeping On Rotation This Fall

Go bold or go home.

colorful eyeliner looks

Although the fall and winter seasons are synonymous with smoky, sultry makeup looks and moody, brown or nude lips, those who know me understand how much I need a little (or a lot of) color in my life. I love the light and bright hues of spring and summer so much, I often incorporate them into my beauty routine year round. So, what does that look like for fall, you ask? Well, lucky for me all manner of colorful eyeliner looks are trending on the runways for the colder months ahead. And, although eyeshadow is more my speed, I accept the challenge of dabbling in the eyeliner world, especially when vibrant shades are involved.

To get the train moving and out of the station, I did some research (read: I scoured Instagram) on the eyeliner looks I felt were not only beautiful, but relatively easy to create. Full disclosure: The extent of my eyelining skills is a winged or cat-eye look, which actually translates nicely to color. However, there are a few other techniques that require a bit more effort and time mastering ... but I’m more than game if it means landing some great beauty moments. In fact, I’m even willing to step into Euphoria territory and finally test drive some of those geometric graphic liner tricks that have been filling my Instagram and TikTok feeds for the past year.

For a full scope of the colorful eyeliner looks I’ll be manifesting this fall, check out the four ideas I’m replicating ASAP as well as the products that are going to make the magic happen.

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Simple Wing

Probably the easiest technique I have in my back pocket is the simple winged style. Perfect for those moments I need a fun look in a pinch, this low-maintenance eyeliner approach can be done with essentially any color, but I’m currently gravitating toward lilac, baby blue, and seafoam green shades for a more ethereal take. Complemented with some peachy blush and a soft pink lip gloss, and I’m channeling all the Y2K vibes.

Shadow Play

I love the idea of using a colorful liner as an accent to an existing look. I’m definitely a maximalist at heart, so this approach speaks to me in a special way, especially when using moody metallic or high-shine shades. The trick here is to ensure the eyeliner is pigmented enough that it is a clear contrast and visible with the shadow on your lid. For this reason, I typically go for softer, pastel shades for the shadow and opt for a jewel tone for the eyeliner. Think: light pink shadow and emerald green liner or lavender shadow and sapphire liner.

All Around Town

Similar to a wing, all-around eyeliner along the upper and lower lash line is another one-and-done method that’s great when you’re short on time. And, when you throw a moody eyeliner in the mix, like a navy, chocolate, or deep maroon shade, the ante is upped significantly (just ask Maude Apatow, who recently made a case for the all-over blue liner look). Also, to really take the look to sultry new heights, smudge it out a bit.

Go Graphic

For those days when I want to color outside the lines, but still be mindful of my non-dexterous hand, I love the idea of a minimalist graphic look. Elaborate crease-lining wing shapes and Euphoria-inspired cloud liner that’s been sweeping Instagram and TikTok over the past year feels like something I can dabble in, especially during holiday season.