These Black-Owned Indie Beauty Brands Are Perfect For A Summer Stock-Up

One of everything, please!

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Two Lip Bar models posing with hot pink-red lipstick

You could say the official start of summer is the perfect time to do an overhaul of your beauty product horde, sorting out what you need, what you love, and what you’re ready to part with to make room for something even better. But let’s be real — it’s never a bad time to do that. If you’re in the market for anything beauty-related — be it the ultimate bath soak, a lit-from-within highlight, or the most moisturizing curl creme — there’s never been a better time to stock up. Black-owned indie beauty brands are often the most cutting edge lines to watch, with near-constant new launches and exciting developments in every sphere. With the number of Black beauty entrepreneurs steadily growing in the wake of increasing (and very long overdue) emphasis on funding and investments for Black founders and their businesses, there’s never been a better time to shop.

Black-owned indie beauty is a treasure trove of the most-obsessed-over products in the game, with top-tier names in every possible category. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best Black-owned indie beauty brands around. Consider apologizing to your bank account now — once the shopping starts, it’ll be hard to stop.

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If you’ve spent any decent amount of time browsing skin care Instagram or TikTok (affectionally called SkinTok), you’ve almost certainly seen Topicals’ cheerful, ‘70s-style product packaging — and the rave reviews to match. The brand’s two lauded products, the original Faded hyperpigmentation-destroying cream, and the ultra-hydrating Like Butter mask, are so popular right now, Faded fans know to stock up when they can rather than risk being without.

Sunday II Sunday

The tagline for Sunday II Sunday hair care might refer to the brand as the athleisure of hair, but the luxurious packaging and salon-quality ingredients spell out pure luxury. The line is designed for the active woman-on-the-go to absorb post-workout sweat and restore moisture for a polished look that completely belies your morning gym session.

Oui The People


Body care is having its moment in the sun, and Oui The People has your starter pack to join the party and feel genuinely good when you do. Based on a founding mission to empower people of all genders to take care of their bodies in the way that feels right to them, Oui The People’s sustainable razors (they’re even safe for sensitive skin), moisturizing body glosses, scrubs, soaks, and even sheet masks for delicate areas are about true self-care — not perfection.



If you’re ready to jump into the multicolored nail trend headfirst, make Relaunch your first stop. All handmade in small batches from vegan materials and given the most gloriously punny names (Left On Read is too perfect for its scarlet shade), the polishes are richly pigmented and infused with fresh-smelling eucalyptus. Once you get your lacquers, hit the brand’s Instagram where you’ll find all the nail art inspiration you need for every skill level, courtesy of founder Kimberly Holmes.

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls is about one thing and one thing only: celebrating the beauty of natural curls. Founder Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Dominicana, describes the brand as inspired by her Dominican heritage and the social stigma that often came with her own tight curls. Now, she’s all about spreading love and appreciation for curls with all-natural hair products, infused hydrating ingredients, and what Cordero calls Dominican beauty secrets for a line that’s all about a healthy scalp, length retention, and the most luscious curls of your life.

The Lip Bar


Yes, The Lip Bar is home to the most pigmented, flattering, and high-quality lipsticks, glosses, and liquid mattes on the market. But poke around on the site (or through the brand’s raving testimonials) and you’ll find much more than just excellent lip products. Hydrating concealers, glow-boosting foundation mix-ins, and radiant highlighters make it hard to choose what to go for, so make it easy on yourself and try a bit of everything with The Lip Bar’s best-selling, customizable face kits.

NaturAll Club

When Muhga Eltigani was in the process of regrowing her hair after a big chop, she tried an experiment: much like an all-natural diet, what would happen if she used those same sorts of whole ingredients directly on her hair? The results were transformative, leaving Eltigani hair hydrated, lush, and strong. Wanting to share her recipes with the world, NaturAll Club was born. Now, the best-selling, refrigerated hair care products are a must-have for anyone looking to harness the restorative properties of fresh, whole foods.

Brown Girl Jane

Sometimes, self-care means slowing down and taking a few minutes to physically touch your body, get in tune with how you really feel, and just breathe in and out. Brown Girl Jane, a plant-based wellness brand dedicated to inner and outer beauty, has all the tools you need to carve out a literal space for some restoration. Light one of the line’s beautifully packaged candles, massage skin with a CBD-powered serum, and let the day’s stress melt away.

Coloured Rain

Regardless of your skill level, Coloured Rain is something of the ultimate destination for anyone who truly loves to play with makeup. Not only are all of the cosmetics richly pigmented and the brushes soft and high-quality, but the brand also features bundled kits, how-to tutorials on social media, and an ethos all about self-expression through makeup.

Flora & Noor

Sourced from the highest quality natural ingredients and packaged in charming, apothecary-style vial bottles, jars, and vials, Flora & Noor is a halal, consciously-created skin care line with a mission to provide real nourishment for skin from head to toe. Acne-fighting creams and rich moisturizers live alongside luxuriously-scented bath bombs and scrubs on Flora & Noor’s airy website, complete with subscription-based shipping models that ensure you’ll never run out of your favorites.

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