This Multitasking Summer Moisturizer Does The Work Of *At Least* Three Products

All the best new products of July 2022.

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With all the never-ending discussions about reinvention, there’s not a lot of room in the conversation for re-imaginings. On the surface, the two concepts might seem similar — both involve evaluation, calculation, and a willingness to shed what’s not working. But in the beauty world, re-imaginings — inspired twists on established favorites — can be just as groundbreaking as completely new products. This month, the skin care industry is tapping into that retrospective focus with quite a few revamps, reformulations, and expansions of existing lines. The best new skin care products of July 2022 feature plenty of new-to-market picks, sure, but you’ll notice plenty of familiar-looking creams, sprays, and brightening eye treatments, too.

Interestingly enough, it feels like the entire beauty world is feeling the effects of one long, hot summer. The new products in July’s release lineup reflect those feelings of irritation and inflammation by offering tons of topical solutions: a soothing face mist for stressed-out skin, a Pharrell-approved sunscreen, and a new Youth To The People moisturizer so rich and creamy you’ll want to climb in the jar and nestle in for a nap. So regardless of if your own skin care routine needs a refresh, a reimagining, or a full-on overhaul, there’s something (or a few somethings) for everyone.

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