This New Hair Repair System Turns Back The Clock On Heat Damage With One Step

Meet Epres hair care.

Courtesy of EPRES
EPRES hair care model holding bottle

Coupled with the newfound accessibility of salon-quality products, Olaplex’s bond-building technology completely shook up the hair care industry and quickly became one of the most buzzed-about brands in years. Now, one of the inventors behind Olaplex, Dr. Eric Pressly, has launched a brand-new system with yet another innovative, cutting-edge formula designed to turn back the clock on hair damage. Epres Hair Care positions itself as the next generation of bond repair, offering a professional formula for use in salons and an at-home treatment for consumers — both made with the brand’s proprietary, molecule BioDiffusion technology.

“When the world began to lock down during COVID, creative ideas started to flow,” Pressly tells TZR, explaining the brand’s inception. “This led to what I call ‘thought experiments’ which gave way to real experiments at home.” Pressly purchased chemicals to test at home, which he says organically brought him back into the haircare space and, eventually, to Epres.

The collection features two products, one for consumers and one for professional use, both focused on bond repair. The Bond Repair Treatment Kit for consumers contains a spray bottle and two concentrates (which can also be purchased as refills) and is intended for use one to two times per week.

The spray-on treatment can repair damage sustained from chemical, thermal, and mechanical treatments, making it an ideal choice for those with color-treated hair, those who heat-style often, and even people who simply have fine or delicate hair prone to everyday breakage.

Pressly explains that the key is in Epres’ unique, liquid-molecule technology that continues to repair fractured bonds — those are splits in the hair molecules’ keratin chains that can deplete protein — even hours after the product is applied. At the heart of the collection is the BioDiffusion technology, which allows the products to keep working on dry hair.

“Most technologies use a solid molecule, which only allows the molecule to move through the hair while wet,” Pressly says. “Once the hair dries, however, these molecules are frozen in place. In our BioDiffusion technology, liquid molecules continue to move and explore the hair looking for areas of damage.” Therefore, he says, Epres produces results within minutes and continue transforming the hair long after it dries.

The professional Bond Repair Treatment boasts an acid-free formula, so it won’t compromise chemical services or have pH-lowering side effects when mixed into the color, lightening, or retexturizing formulas used in the salon.


Epres is available online now with the Bond Repair Treatment kit retailing for $48 and a duo of concentrate refills for $34 — shop the products below.

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