The Best New Beauty Products Of February 2024 Are All About Late Winter Trends


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There’s more than just love in the air this month. With all the excitement from award show season and back-to-back fashion weeks around the world, there’s so much to enjoy about late winter — and the best new beauty products of February 2024 make the whole 29-day stretch a little sweeter. The Leap Year just means more time to experiment with those TikTok hair tutorials you have saved, try out an intriguing new eyeliner technique, or give skin some extra pampering against the cold temperatures and snowy weather. Some beloved brands are back with fresh additions to best-selling lines, while others are rolling out limited-edition releases, and still more are unveiling soon-to-be instant classics that you’ll wonder how you lived without.

If it’s padding out a head-to-toe routine for maximum hair and skin health, there are restorative new products from Virtue and Sulwhasoo that make it easy to help rehab winter-ravaged everything. If you’re feeling good about your current regimen, there’s always room to branch out with luxe new lipsticks from Clé de Peau that sparkle and shine in the light, along with a warm bronzer — from the just-launched DUNDAS Beauty — that makes it easy to fake a vacation glow even as the sun sets at 4 p.m.

Ahead, explore the best new beauty products of the month.

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