These Year Of The Dragon Beauty Products Will Make Your 2024 Extra Lucky

Time to celebrate.

Chantecaille year of the dragon products
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If you had high hopes for 2024 but feel like January didn’t start you out on the exact foot you wanted, don’t stress. For a major swath of the world, technically, it’s yet to really even begin. Lunar New Year, celebrated by several countries through East and Southeast Asia as well as South Central Asia, tracks the start of the year through moon phases and the lunar calendar. 2024 is the Year Of The Dragon, the fifth animal of a 12-year cycle, making it an auspicious period for those born under its sign. Thought to bring a special attention to focus, drive, and opportunity, it’s also ushering in a wave of cool, themed Lunar New Year beauty products that will also help you kick the year off in style.

There are lipsticks in classic shades of crimson to match the envelopes of money traditionally handed out at Lunar New Year celebrations, bottles etched with intricate, looping dragons, and special editions of beloved formulations that make your everyday staples feel a little fresher. Considering the Year Of The Dragon will be all about identifying and seizing opportunity, who could pass up the chance to score special versions of luxe products from their favorite brands?

Below, get acquainted with coolest 2024 Lunar New Year beauty gifts — give them to loved ones or just add them to your horde.

Hair Alchemy Liter Set Lunar New Year Edition
To celebrate the Year Of The Dragon, Oribe collaborated with Australian-Chinese artist Chris Chun to create bright, bold packaging prints that usher in spring’s imminent arrival. Along with traditional reds and golds, the blooming peonies are included in honor of the national flower of Cuba, birthplace of Oribe Canales.