Two Of Your Favorite Brands Just Partnered Up: Zara & TRX

Match made in fitness.

by Natalia Lusinski
TRX Training®

If we’ve learned anything the past 18+ months, it’s how to master working out at home. And now TRX Training® has partnered with Zara, which can help enhance your at-home workouts even more. In addition to expanding the range of Zara’s Atheticz sportswear collection, shoppers will be able to get access to the TRX Suspension Trainer at 11 stores in major cities worldwide, plus on Zara.com. There, customers can subscribe to the TRX Training Club® digital platform to get exclusive access to six months’ worth of unlimited on-demand workouts and live classes. Plus, if you miss a class or want to repeat one, you can use the REPLAY function. So whether you want to do a TRX workout at home or while you’re out and about, the fitness platform has got you covered.

“We are thrilled to partner up with one of the most renowned brands in the world and be part of Zara’s new Athleticz range,” Brent Leffel, CEO of TRX, said in a press release announcing the partnership. “Home workouts are clearly here to stay, and we have joined forces with Zara to equip people with everything they need to exercise around their schedule. I believe we can convert even more fitness enthusiasts, and together with Zara, can provide customers with the ultimate comfort, alongside access to train by any means possible — either at home or on the go.” Plus, since at-home gyms are (still) all the rage, adding TRX’s suspension workouts to your regimen can help mix things up — especially since you may be looking to expand your winter workout anyway. And you can easily add the TRX straps to your home gym essentials.

You may be familiar with TRX since both Kate Hudson and Naomi Campbell are fans and have posted some of their workouts on Instagram. But if you’re not familiar with TRX, the company’s goal was to make fitness more accessible — and achievable — through suspension training. The versatile straps allow you to control your training with your body weight, both at home or on the go. And if you don’t have a suspension anchor, you can get one on TRX’s website for under $20 — whether you want to mount it on your door or elsewhere.

The TRX/Zara partnership included content creation elements with TRX Training Club’s Director of Trainer Branding, Niko Algieri. He says they created the TRX Training Club with the goal to encourage more people to fit exercise into their daily lives. “Being able to bring that to ZARA’s community is a really exciting opportunity,” he tells TZR in an email. “The combination of being able to bring people the perfect workout tool, along with the comfort and style of ZARA clothing to exercise in, seemed like a no-brainer.” Plus, there is the convenience factor, he adds. “With home workouts clearly a feature of all our lives moving forward, it’s fantastic to be able to enable a wider audience to feel the benefit of the TRX Training Club,” he explains. “I think it will also put Suspension Training on the radar for people that haven’t previously been aware of it, and hopefully convert them to a method of training that can be done anywhere and everywhere!”