IKEA's First Fitness Collection Is Coming For Your Workout Routine

New year, new gear.

IKEA Workout Collection

If you are among the nearly 40% of US adults who commit annually to a New Year resolution (or multiple), IKEA’s latest launch is right up your alley. The Swedish home brand just announced its first foray into the fitness category via DAJLIEN, its new limited-edition workout collection which launches in January 2024. A whopping 19 products make up this offering, available while supplies last, aiming to offer shoppers everything they might need to get some exercise, cool down, and fill in any holes in their home gyms.

The launch encompasses step boards, training benches, weight sets, waterproof bluetooth speakers, air purifiers, and so much more — all designed with the signature IKEA blend of sleek style and total functionality. According to the official press release, DALJIEN is meant to make fitness and body movement a daily occurrence (hence the name, which means “daily” in the accent of Småland, the birthplace of IKEA).

“The collection is built on insights from visits to homes in New York, Chicago, London and Shanghai where IKEA has learned about experiences linked to working out at home,” reads the release. “The findings highlight common challenges connected to motivation, limited space, time constraints, and the discomfort many feel when working out at a gym. At the same time, exercise products are seen as bulky and can clash with home decor. The products in the DAJLIEN collection feature smart, adaptable products that can be used in different ways to overcome those challenges, enabling people to stay active.”


While this may be IKEA’s initial step into the fitness category, the brand has certainly dabbled in the wellness space. Earlier this year, it launched a collaboration with Finnish textile giant Marimekko, the BASTUA spa collection. Consisting of cozy robes, carry-all totes, snack trays, side tables, shower curtains, water bottles, towels, and sauna buckets, the installment was inspired by Nordic bathing culture and ancient and long beloved tradition spanning centuries.

This latest launch seems to be taking things in a more movement-focused direction, although it still falls under the brand’s ethos of creating chic multi-functional solutions. “Not everyone feels safe or comfortable going to a gym and at home we often deal with small space and time constraints. DAJLIEN was born from the desire to find smart solutions that address these limitations and help people create a convenient and motivating place for exercise," says Sarah Fager, designer at IKEA of Sweden. “We wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy and natural everyday activity.”

DALJIEN hits stores and online in January 2024 — just in time for your new year refresh.