This Black-Owned Brand Is Taking The Wellness Industry By Storm

Matcha, masks, and more.

Black History Month is the perfect time to stop and think about the business you're supporting and potentially change your shopping habits for good. One category to consider? Health and wellness. Recently Black entrepreneurs have been working hard to not only find their place in, but make a change and excel in an industry that can often feel exclusionary. The list of Black-owned wellness brands continues to grow and evolve — so it's a great time to reconsider who you're buying your teas and tinctures from.

More and more, customers are becoming increasingly considerate about the ethics behind the products they purchase, which could mean supporting companies that utilize sustainable practices, or it can be a way to encourage the economic growth of marginalized communities. If that describes your current state of mind, allow this month to be a moment of pause and reevaluation of everything you buy, from the beauty products in your bathroom to supplements you use for better sleep.

Want to give your wellness routine an overhaul that includes the addition of more Black-owned brands? You're in luck, because there's a wealth of cool, cutting-edge ones to choose from (including a cannabis cooking tool you probably never knew you needed). Ahead, find 10 in particular that will inspire you and encourage healthy habits while simultaneously supporting Black entrepreneurs.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Golde

Trinty Mouzon's stylishly packaged wellness products — including golden latte and matcha mixes, superfood masks, and supplements for digestion, skin hydration, and de-stressing — are highly coveted. Golde's already been a favorite at the coolest indie stockists, but now that it's offered at Target, it's more accessible than ever.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: LumiBloom

LumiBloom's founder MacKenzie Hill created the brand to encourage more health and happiness for all — and she does this by offering a ton of wellness products that boost the body both inside and out. Think CBD-spiked tinctures, teas, and even bath products.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Ardent

The hero product of this Black-owned biotech brand is a home decarboxylation machine — or as it's lovingly referred to, the Easy Bake Oven of the cannabis world. Ardent claims the tool activates cannabis to be used optimally in edible form, and the brand's already gotten a ton of buzz, with press mentions from the likes of Forbes and Vice.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: The Honey Pot Company

This women's personal care brand, founded by Beatrice Dixson, has a wide range of products that aim to make menstruation, maternity, and intimacy better and more comfortable. Just a few of the options include organic cotton tampons, balancing suppositories, and cleansing wipes for the most sensitive of areas.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Homebody

Founded by Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra, a mom and entrepreneur with a background in the food industry (she's a celebrated former pastry chef), Homebody boasts herbal bath products that promise to soothe, refresh, and restore — mind, body, and soul.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Brooklyn Tea

This Black-owned, Brooklyn tearoom was already a neighborhood favorite, but now you can shop their bestselling brews (including ginger turmeric blend and a soothing, sleep-inducing combo of chamomile and lemongrass) online from wherever you are.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Movita Organics

Created by Tonya Lewis Lee, an author, entrepreneur, and long-time advocate of health for women and mothers specifically, Movita offers high quality, plant-based multivitamins, beauty supplements, and prenatal care products.

Black Owned Wellness Brand: Body Complete

With plant-based health and beauty powders and supplements, this Black-owned brand focuses on ways to nourish, boost, and renew your body from the inside out.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Brown Girl Jane

Want to see what CBD can do for your sleep, beauty, and even intimacy habits? Try some of the tinctures and topicals from this brand, founded by Malaika and Nia Jones and Tai Beauchamp.

Black-Owned Wellness Brand: Olamina Botanicals

Olamina's founder and herbalist Jess Turner is a fervent activist for BIPOC community. The elixirs (and more) she creates are made from foraged and organic ingredients, and they aim to make wellness more accessible to all. Popular products include tummy-taming bitters, immunity-boosting tonics, and soothing salves.

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