What To Wear When It's 80 Degrees And Raining

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Dressing for rainy days is tricky enough, but throw heat and humidity into the mix and even more confusion arises. Any motivation to put together a fashionable outfit on gloomy mornings decreases exponentially. But with the right inspiration, navigating what to wear on a hot and humid rainy day doesn't have to mean compromising style.

Gone are the days when raincoats were solely functional. Today, raincoats are a chic outerwear option that you may not feel you have enough opportunities to break out. Transparent PVC coats, like Fendi's leather trim see-through raincoat from Spring/Summer 2019 allow you to showcase a great look underneath. Meanwhile, contemporary brands like Rains and The Arrivals have adapted technical-wear to feel cooler than ever before.

And besides arming yourself with stylish outerwear, don't forget the importance of accessories. Since you'll want to keep layers breathable and light, your shoes, hat, or umbrella can make all the difference. Consider a vinyl bucket hat to keep your whole head covered, while staying on trend for the summer. Or a printed umbrella, which can double as a photo prop, if that's your style.

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The influencer set is the source of endless style inspiration no matter the weather, and New York City-based influencer Serena Goh has a few go-to pieces in her wardrobe that help her combat any rainy summer day. "I'll wear any of my usual looks under a Stutterheim raincoat and always throw in a pair of Hunter ankle rain boots to keep my feet dry," Goh tells TZR. (She knows a thing or two about dressing for summer's dreary, steamy days as evidenced by her collection of trench coats.)

Because the weather is notoriously hard to predict, having staple rain pieces and outfit formulas to create are both essential this time of year. Ahead, find 13 ways to dress for hot, rainy summer days while remaining entirely fashionable.

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What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Bright Rain Coat + Bucket Hat

Carry the slime green trend into your rain gear this summer. Let the rest of your look remain casual with a graphic tee and a pair of dark denim jeans to put all eyes on your bold coat.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Stylish Umbrella + Summery Pieces

Switch out your designer bag for an equally as cute umbrella, while keeping the rest of your outfit fresh with a puff sleeve blouse and plaid pants.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Black Patent Trench Coat + Bandana Top

Keep your look summery with a bandana tank top and light wash jeans, and when the rain comes down complete the look with a black patent trench coat. White vinyl boots are surprisingly good for navigating damn streets dirt free.

Transparent Raincoat + Bold Top

You don't have to sacrifice a stylish outfit on rainy days: Instead, go for a transparent rain coat, which can frame your whole look, especially if said outfit involves a printed sweater. Finish the look with a lifted shoe that will help you avoid any puddles.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Trench Coat + Combat Boots

Skip the rain coat and go for a classic trench instead. The timeless piece will keep you dry, and will add a minimalist twist to anything you wear underneath. For shoes, consider a cargo boot, which is a more fashion-forward alternative to a rain boot.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Animal Print Raincoat + Kitten Heels

Make your raincoat the center of your ensemble by choosing an eye-catching animal print. And though they certainly aren't waterproof, go for cute kitten heels on those light drizzle days.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Patterned Raincoat + Pop Of Color

A patterned rain coat, such as this checkered option, is a far distance from overly technical all-weather gear. Pair the statement piece with a bright colored trouser and take on the rainy day in style.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Oversized Coat + Floral Maxi Dress

Even if the sun is hiding, that doesn't mean your floral pieces have to. Add some color with a breezy, breathable floral dress, and finish off with an oversized coat and ankle boots to ensure you'll stay dry.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Versatile Rain boots + Sweater Over Dress

Having a pair of versatile rain boots that will go with any ensemble will ease the stress of bad weather dressing, especially on days when there's no other footwear alternative. Couple your rain boots with a dress, and throw on a sweater for chillier summer days.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Trench Coat + Casual Pieces

A trench coat can easily dress up your whole look, so wear it atop comfortable sweats and sneakers to make your rainy day outfit effortlessly cool.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Clear Trench Coat + Baggy Jeans

Anyone that's ever had their jeans that stick to their body after an unexpected downpour knows how uncomfortable it can be. Instead, opt for baggy, loose fit jeans to avoid it. If the hemline risks dragging on the damp ground, try cuffing them to ankle height. Then, finish off your jeans and white tee with a cool clear coat and white flats.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Bright Hooded Rain Coat + Tank Top

Wearing a tank top in the rain is possible; just throw on a raincoat to stay dry. Complete the summer-approved outfit with a pair of cutoff denim shorts and conquer the day.

What To Wear On A Hot Rainy Day: Cropped Coat + Hiking Boots

Don't let the rain stop you from missing your workout. Coordinate your athleisure wear with a waterproof bucket hat, raincoat, and a pair of on-trend hiking boots to get your sweat on.

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