It’s Time To Start Shopping For The Holidays & Ulta’s New Arrivals Are Proof


If you're one of those people who starts breaking out the holiday decorations on the first day of fall, you definitely don't need to be reminded when it's time to start your gift shopping for the season. But if you don't consider yourself a part of that group and you've been blissfully unaware that the holiday madness is just a couple of months away at this point, you may be in for a rude awakening: It's time to start preparing, and Ulta's October 2019 beauty arrivals are pretty much proof.

Why? Well, while the new arrivals section was filled with sun care and glow-inducing products just weeks ago, those have been all but replaced with festive hues and holiday sets. Though you might be surprised, Ulta isn't the only one ahead of the game — Sephora has also started rolling out its own shimmer-filled launches and carefully curated sets in a big way. And, as you know, when two of the biggest beauty retailers in the game proclaim that it's time to start your holiday shopping, it's probably best to listen.

So without further ado, it's time to decide what to add to your cart first. And since Benefit Cosmetics is clearly prepared for the holidays in a big way, you might want to start there first to really get into the spirit of the season. The brand's I'm Hotter Outdoors Holiday Set is a great place to begin considering it contains favorites like the Hoola Matte Bronzer (in the full size, no less) and only retails for $30 even though it's worth $68.

If you're just looking for a way to create all your glamorous party looks, Morphe's 35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette is definitely an investment you should make. No doubt you already have enough neutral palettes to last you a lifetime, so add this into your collection for pops of red, orange, and green to brighten up your looks for the season — at only $25, it's basically a no-brainer.

Skincare enthusiasts, there are options for you, too. Estée Lauder has a predictably chic set in the mix called Repair + Renew For Radiant Looking Skin, which contains exactly what you'd expect: a regimen that helps bring your glow back (and there's even a full-size Revitalizing Supreme+ Global AntiAging Cell Power Creme included in addition to three deluxe travel-size products).

Clearly, the time is now to begin your holiday shopping — so keep scrolling to get ahead of the game with these new arrivals at Ulta (and don't forget to snag a few for yourself).