Give This Mindful Gift To The Meditation Enthusiast In Your Life

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Everyone has that one friend or loved one whose journey towards enlightenment is something to behold. Perhaps they've just started the steps or it's already been a life-long quest, but their impressive — even if newly developed — commitment to being more in tune with themselves and grounded in their surroundings, more open to experiences, and more grateful about whatever comes their way deserves a reward. That's why gifts for the mindful person in your life are important to consider, especially in a year that their positive thinking has surely been put to the test.

So what exactly do you give someone who aims to be at peace even in the simplest of surroundings? A good place to start could be some meditation accessories that make their practice easier, more comfortable, and even more travel-ready, so they don't have any excuse to stick to a habit. Think chic meditation cushions, mala beads for focus, or a music-based at-home kit you can use with coordinating apps (perfect for the tech-savvy meditation enthusiast or beginner).

If they prefer a more active approach to mindfulness, journaling might be one of their favorite self-care rituals, so a well-designed, dedicated notebook could be a great gift option. Another similarly interactive idea would be a deck of intention-setting or affirmation cards that encourage happiness. They may also benefit from a little more guidance by way of books — something that teaches or encourages healthy mental habits.

You could even bring a little peacefulness to their work space by gifting them a desktop item that encourages breaks for mindfulness. Think: A mini zen garden, some crystals, or a diffuser with essential oils.

For a few more thoughtful ideas to give this year that will surely be much appreciated by the most mindful folks in your life, see ahead. Or you can always treat yourself to encourage your own enlightenment.

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